3-2: A Friend in Need, Part 2

Dex and the Rangers team up against the Plague Patrol.  Kimberly alone must fight the Repellator back on Earth.

Last time on Power Rangers: Most of the team went to Edenoi, which is being attacked by Count Dregon.

Exposition Time!

On Edenoi, Spiderface is attacking.  I forgot to clarify last time that the spaceship looks more like a centipede to me than the critter it’s named for.  The whole group heads into the cave.  A voiceover has a minion announce (again) that they need to send the Plague Patrol.  It turns out Dex is the Prince of Edenoi; he powers down and tells them that it’s safe to breathe in here.  The three other natives remove their gas masks.  The quintet of Rangers remove their helmets and each introduce themselves.  Dex states that his friends are Zarius, Donias, and Ferrian.  The girl, Zarius, wants to know who they are and why they have come.

Tommy exposits on their task; Rocky says who sent them; Billy states their goal.  Then Tommy expresses his worry before asking about the crystals on the quartet’s foreheads.  It turns out that the “mine crystals” grant them psychic powers.  Dex uses his to create a hologram to facilicate his exposition on Count Dregon.  It’s explained that Edenoi hadn’t needed or used weapons and armies for centuries as they were a society of artisans and scholars, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

The Masked Rider powers are passed down king to king; his grandfather Lexican gave them to Dex during the invasion.  I can only assume that this means Dex was orphaned shortly after the Count’s arrival.  In any case, there are rebel forces still fighting the villains and Dex’s goal is to save his people from their current oppression.


Kimberly contacts Alpha and Zordon via her communicator (showing up in the viewing globe on their end) to check on her teammates.  While still sick, she’s worried for her teammates.  Okay, so somebody did give her a heads-up about her teammates’ departure.  In lieu of other evidence, I’m going to say Billy did it (Tommy’s too absent-minded and I can’t see Aisha being that far-sighted while Kim’s not very close to Rocky or Adam, but Billy tends to be practical as well as a close friend of hers).

Bulk is at Ernie’s and tries to hit on a pair of teenage girls to no avail.  Skull arrives and the duo agrees that the girls are attractive.  Skull is arrogant about his looks.  Bulk is under the impression that they’re talking about the Power Rangers.  At this point, Skull is fed up with looking for the Power Rangers.  However, this time Bulk’s plan is to pretend to be them to get girls.  The other boy approves.

Goldar, Rita, and Zedd are getting grumpy in the moon fortress.  Zedd is still seething over the Count.  They’re impatient for Finster’s monster to be done.

Dex tells the Rangers that Lexican is in hiding and helping others escape (most of the populace is forced to open up the vents of poisonous gas by Dregon’s forces).

The show briefly cuts back to Skull and Bulk’s effort to get the girls’ attention.

Plagued by Evil

Some evil creatures called Cogwarts are sent by Dregon to take out the group.  The Plague Patrol (monsters on normal horses… okay then) arrives near the cave with the trio of Cogwarts (Cogwartses?).  The heroic group nears the cave entrance to be worried.

Dex starts to plan; Billy and Tommy volunteer the Rangers to fight the Plague Patrol, although Adam’s worried.  “To the Power” is said by all, which might imply that the Power is a galactic concept.  That just makes me more confused about how the morphing grid functions, given Zordon’s concerns last episode.

Helmets and gas masks back on, the group heads out.  The villains scoff at them.  A confident Dex does the whole ‘ectophase activate’ thing to transform but does acknowledge the Rangers’ presence.  That’s a little sweet, but it ignores his preexisting friends.  Maybe it’s because they don’t have powers?

Dex takes on the three Cogwarts while his three friends retreat… so maybe they weren’t mentioned because they weren’t going to stick around?  Somehow the villains now know that the heroes are from Earth (but last time… I can’t even).  Tommy and Rocky each take on a member, while the other three take on the third villain.  The Rangers get snarky.  Although he continues to fight the Cogwarts, Dex is outnumbered.

Alpha is stressed out back in the Command Center, although Zordon tries to reassure him.  The robot jinxes it by saying, “Well, at least things here are quiet”.

Finster presents the Repellator to the other three villains.  I don’t know where Squatt and Baboo went off to- probably to sleep or eat.  It’s such a disgusting-looking monster that Rita dislikes it (and its ooze).  Lord Zedd tells the Repellator to destroy Angel and to show “no mercy” to the Power Rangers.  The monster approves and Zedd uses his staff to teleport him away.  Zedd and Rita promptly cackle over Earth soon being theirs.

The alarms in the Command Center start to blare to Alpha’s panic.  Zordon uses the sensors while Alpha uses the viewing globe to bring the Repellator into view.  When told by Zordon to contact the Rangers, the robot is unsure that he’ll manage due to the long distance.  Wait.  I thought part of why Zordon let the Rangers go to Edenoi at all was because the communicators’ updated chips would enable, well, communication.  What is going on?

While the Rangers continue to fight the villains, Alpha fails to contact them.  As he keeps trying, the robot gets more stressed out.  Zordon reminds him that Kimberly is still on Earth.  Alpha is worried if she’ll succeed, given that she’s sick.  Although snuffly, Kimberly does get out of bed and morphs when alerted to the situation.

She goes to the lakeside to fight the Repellator, sneezing midsentence.  The brunette sneezes again before they charge at each other to fight.  Her repeated sneezes disgust the monster.  A molecule scrambler is briefly used on her.  Somehow Kimberly is aware of what it is (she’s the one to name-drop it).  It’s times like these that highlight that Kimberly isn’t as ‘shallow and flighty’ as she sometimes comes across as.  Although she keeps trying, Kimberly is afraid that she won’t be able to stop the monster.


I’m rather baffled by Dex’s swift acceptance of the Rangers.  I get the Doylist reasoning (the plot has to move along and there’s not any more time to ‘waste’ on hero versus hero fights) but the Watsonian reasoning is flimsy.  Last episode, Count Dregon had concern that the Rangers could be other villains who want the Masked Rider powers and Dex came across then as somebody cynical enough to have the same concern.

Kimberly continues to be an adorable badass.  I used her picture for this recap because I doubt Dex will return after this trilogy of episodes and besides, the Edenoi scenes have a brownish light filter to them.  I’m going to miss her when she goes to Florida.  The other Earth subplot is odder than usual (and equally less connected to the main plot).

Now.  I’m left wondering if Edenoi is at all connected to Trip’s home world of Xybria.  Because really, how many alien species with forehead crystals that grant psychic powers can there possibly be?  Trip is from the year 3000; maybe Edenoi changed its name at some point during the ensuing millennium.  Speaking of timelines, I’m really curious when Zordon got Alpha 5, particularly given the repeatedly stressed distance between Edenoi and Earth.  It was in Lexican’s reign as king… which began when?  And when did Count Dregon first attack- I don’t think that was ever said.

Which brings me into my next point: how often do Alpha 5 and Zordon check this ‘galactic scanner’?  Once a month?  Once a year?  Once a decade?  Once a century?  Is there even a set schedule?  Obviously, their focus is Earth… hang on.  Why is their focus on Earth?  Because of Rita and her moon fortress?  Did they know that at some point she’d escape?  Now I’m curious why Zordon opted to ‘settle down’ on Earth (and again: WHEN?).

Where is that history textbook on this universe’s history when I want it?

Next time on Power Rangers: The heroes are victorious!


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