3-3: A Friend in Need, Part 3

Kimberly can’t fend off the Repellator alone, so her teammates soon return to Earth.

Last time on Power Rangers: Dex and most of the team fought Count Dregon’s forces.

A Sickly Situation

A sneezy Kimberly does her best against the Repellator.  Alpha 5 blames her poor performance on the flu, which is true.  He and Zordon try to contact the others to no avail.  Although Zordon has faith in Kimberly, Alpha remains worried about her.  Back at the fight, the monster has somehow caught Kimberly’s flu.  The brunette taunts him about it, and the Repellator soon teleports away.

Sneezing twice, Kimberly can then contact Alpha to explain things to him and Zordon.  Both Zordon and Kimberly are aware that the Repellator will return.  Zordon makes a suggestion to Alpha on how to contact the others, giving the robot more hope.

Tommy, with Adam nearby, gets the message from Zordon.  The others show up and Tommy tells them that they need to wrap up things on Edenoi so they can head back to Earth.

The Repellator, sneezing, returns to the moon fortress.  Lord Zedd and Rita aren’t happy about this.  Finster show up and the villainous couple demands that he cure the monster so that he can resume fighting Kimberly.  To highlight this, the monster sneezes again.

Tommy continues to fight a villain.  The Plague Patrol retreats to ride away on their horses.

Bulk and Skull are in ‘costume’ out in the woods.  The former is in blue and the latter in red.  The two girls from before arrive via car, as they want to at least check out the duo’s claim of where the Power Rangers will be.

In his lab, Finster is with the Repellator.  Finster gets out a truly massive needle to inject a partial cure into the monster.  But when the Repellator expresses his fear of it, Finster gets out a jar of bad-tasting pills instead.

As the girls keep looking for the superheroes, Bulk and Skull emerge to pretend to be superheroes.  Unimpressed, the girls don’t believe the guys’ claims.  Then the Repellator teleports in, causing all four teens to panic and flee.

Dex uses his “Electro Saber” on the Cogwarts to destroy them as the Plague Patrol rides off.  The leader does an attempt a departing remark, but it doesn’t go well.  More pertinent is the fact that the mask doesn’t conceal that there’s a human under there- I suspect it’s a Doylist thing and not a Watsonian thing, though that could add some moral ambiguity if the Plague Patrol were malicious humans instead of aliens/robots/demons/whatever.  Once they’re gone, Dex reverts to normal.

Up in Spiderface, the minions tell Count Dregon the bad news and the group decides to destroy the strangers.

More Antics

Lord Zedd and Rita are amused by watching the Repellator scare the quartet, as it’s better than “big-time space wrestling”.  Okay… so are there interplanetary reality show competitions?  I’m confused.  At Rita’s suggestion, Zedd sends down a BBomb8 to supersize the Repellator.

The girls have retreated into the car.  Bulk and Skull are right outside it, terrified by the monster which wants to stomp on them.

Alpha and a helmetless Kimberly are in the Command Center.  When the viewing globe reveals the situation, they and Zordon get worried.  Kimberly sneezes again to Alpha’s worry but she reassures him as she’s willing to stall for time until her teammates arrive.

The car is able to drive off while Bulk and Skull run off.

The large group is still outdoors.  Dex understands that the quintet has their own planet to protect.  They say “to the Power” again prior to the Rangers teleporting away.  Dex goes, “’Til next time, Power Rangers.”

However, Count Dregon and his minions are able to track the Rangers back to Earth.

Zedd and Rita are grumpy that the Rangers have returned.

Five of them call upon their Thunderzords, leading to the transformation sequence.  Tommy calls upon his Tigerzord.  The Thunder Megazord is formed and the Tigerzord goes into warrior mode.  The two team up against the Repellator, who uses his “disrupters” to damage the Zords.  However, soon enough the monster gets destroyed.

Lord Zedd is concerned about Count Dregon learning about this defeat but remains determined to destroy the Rangers.

Back at the Gym and Juice Bar, the two girls still admire the real Power Rangers but are annoyed with Bulk and Skull.  They start talking to a pair of random boys.  Bulk asks Skull to staple his mouth shut if he comes up with another plan involving the Power Rangers.  I doubt this threat will be brought up again, let alone followed through on.

Spiderface arrives near Earth.  On the bridge, Count Dregon has a ‘plan’ to conquer Earth which sounds to me like a list of goals opposed to tactics to achieve said goals.

Back on Edenoi, a dressed-up Dex speaks with Lexican.  Apparently Dex must leave to go protect Earth from Count Dregon.  They hug.  I’m guessing either they expect Dex can’t/won’t return or Lexican is nearing the end of his life.  It’s never stated how long Edenoites live (nor when Zordon received Alpha 5).

All the Issues


Okay, so this episode… had problems.  Really, the whole arc did but this episode highlighted them.  First off, I thought the new chips were supposed to ensure that Zordon could contact the Rangers even on Edenoi.  Maybe it could have been clarified that the Zords couldn’t be called upon while off-world?  That I could believe (does the Masked Rider even have a Zord?).

Second… will the Rangers or villains ever notice Spiderface’s presence?  Because really, a giant spaceship near Earth might be noticeable even to the ‘Muggles’ so to speak.  And- not to be harsh- isn’t Earth the Rangers’ responsibility?  I can buy Dex and Lexican wanting to give them a heads-up, but surely just because the Count is gone that doesn’t mean that Edenoi is safe.

At the very least, the natives will need their prince to help restore their autonomy since I didn’t get the impression that the Edenoite royal family is lazy.  And what if Dregon left some minions behind to maintain control of Edenoi?  Or what if some other villain swooped in, thinking that Edenoi would be easy pickings?  I’m not getting why Dex has to go to Earth (beyond budget concerns for the Masked Rider spin-off, which evidently didn’t do very well… I can’t say I’m surprised).

I certainly don’t mind Kimberly getting highlighted as a competent fighter even while having the flu, but at the same time I feel bad that the other Rangers (even Tommy to an extent) got shunted aside to focus on her and Dex.  Particularly as I doubt the latter will ever even be mentioned again.  Bulk and Skull’s subplot did get a twist to the usual antics, but they’ve remained static characters.

It’s just annoying how season three kicked off to emphasize the upcoming spin-off.  Usually such plots done in the middle of the existing series’ season, to put the focus on its own characters instead of the upcoming series’ people.

There is some lost potential here- the Rangers learn that there are other types of superheroes and getting to experience another planet’s culture (sort of).  And there’s the fear that there are numerous other supervillains out there who could decide to attack Earth.  I still half-suspect that it could be readily retconned that Earth is such a popular target due to how the Corona Aurora was hidden on it.  I just wish that the epic powers of the Corona Aurora had been better showcased.  Shapeshifting isn’t a big deal except in budget terms.  Reviving people from death isn’t either- maybe the robotic-to-flesh conversion is yet the emphasis was equally on reviving Mack as well as transforming him- which is technically a form of shape-shifting.

And do the Rangers have heightened immune systems or not?  Maybe the then-current flu strain was a particularly tough one.  Hmm.

This time, an alternative take of Bulk and Skull’s ‘big entrance’ out in the woods plays alongside the credits.

Next time on Power Rangers: Rita’s brother Rito shows up.


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