3-5: Ninja Quest, Part 2

The Rangers travel to the Desert of Despair in hopes of finding the maker of the Power Coins.

Last time on Power Rangers: Rita’s brother Rito Revolto arrived on the moon, leading to the Zords’ destruction.


Out of Power

Despite there still being plenty of sparks, the teens have gone to the Zords’ wreckage.  Kimberly tries to hope that Alpha can fix them, but Billy has his doubts.  Tommy realizes that they’ve lost their powers as well as the Zords.  Pragmatically, Billy wants them to get walking as they still need to reach the Command Center and it’ll be a trek.

Zedd is gloating before Rita and the minions.  She’s pleased with Rito, who’s pleased with himself as well.  Goldar claims that he could have defeated the Power Rangers with that many monsters too, making Rita scoff.  Yeah… there have been multiple-monster plots before, and Goldar never did anywhere near as well as Rito did.  Zedd wants to conquer the world, pleasing the siblings.

At the Command Center, the various consoles are in tatters as well.  According to Billy, the Command Center’s power core has been damaged.  Adam still asks Zordon about restoring the Zords, who replies that there’s nowhere near enough power to do that.  It turns out that Zordon did not create the Power Coins and found them with a map of the Desert of Despair.  The myth goes that Ninjor forged the Power Coins in a secret temple there.  Alpha beams in the map.

Zordon thinks it’s too dangerous for the teens to go there.  Tommy and Billy refute that they can’t and won’t want to give up.  Giving in, Zordon remains worried about what Zedd will do once he learns of the teens’ plan.  Off-screen, Alpha jerry-rigged a gizmo to teleport the teens to the Desert of Despair.  There’s no explanation of where this desert is- it’s very probable it’s not even on Earth.  The question remains- is it on another planet or another dimension?

In any case, after the teens are teleported away, Zordon tries to reassure the fretful robot despite having earlier voiced his own fears.  While it is sweet of Zordon to keep an eye on the robot’s emotional well-being, suddenly I’m worrying about whose shoulder Zordon can metaphorically lean on.  Is there anybody he can go to for comfort and advice?


Once in the Desert of Despair, Billy gets out the map to orient the team.  Suddenly, wailing is heard, putting the teens on edge.

Bulk and Skull arrive at the Angel Grove Policy Academy, approaching an incredulous officer about where the registration office is.  Skull quickly blabs how they want to impress girls, Bulk trying to amend things by saying they want to protect girls.  Presumably thinking that the duo will flunk out soon enough, the officer gives them directions.  As they head for the registration desk, the duo encounters more running cadets.  They hear an officer speaking to cadets by a pool about how they have to be top physical form.  Bulk and Skull see even more cadets doing push-ups and another group doing jumping jacks.  Skull tries to back out, not wanting to exercise, but Bulk drags him off, even picking him up.

The Plot Hatches

Back in the moon fortress, Rita is watching one of the eggs start to hatch to her excitement.  Rito starts to explain, but Goldar’s interjection derails Rito’s train of thought.  However, it is soon revealed that Tenga Warriors are in the eggs, thrilling both Rita and Zedd.  Rita, Rito, and Goldar cluster around the telescope to watch them hatch.

The eggs hatch and once emerged, the Tengas practice flying and are soon circling the “castle” to Rita’s pleasure.  Hmm.  ‘Moon fortress’ or ‘moon castle’?  Both phrases sound very cool.  I think I’ll stick to ‘moon fortress’ since I don’t want to confuse anybody and it sounds more ominous as befitting a villainous lair.

Rito recounts a childhood story about Rita, highlighting her early villainous tendencies: when she didn’t get a certain “cute planet” for her birthday, she used the dragon she did get to burn down the house.  One egg didn’t hatch- Goldar thinks it’s a dud, but Rito can vaguely recall there’s something important about it.

On his throne, Zedd uses his visor vision to realize what the teens are up to.  Rito remembers that there’s a Vampirus monster in the last egg.  Finster disapproves of that monster’s nastiness… which is concerning, given the sort of monsters he has created in the past.

Rita comes up with a plan to use the Tengas to take out the Rangers and have the egg hatch at the temple so they can gain the temple’s powers for themselves.  Zedd calls out the orders to the Tengas and they prepare to obey, one of them grabbing the egg.

The teens are traveling through a rocky area.  Tommy and Kimberly are to one side and the others to another.  The brunette misses teleporting.  They regroup to have Billy check the map again before they keep walking.  Finding a strange rock, Kim picks it up only to drop it upon realizing how hot it is.  A line of flames start up- Aisha, Tommy, and Rocky quickly leap over them to safety (there’s a slab of rock between the teens and the flames).  Adam jumps and Billy calls for Kimberly to do the same.  After she does so, Billy leaps but the map has fallen and gets burned away to the teens’ worry.  Not knowing what else to do, they continue trekking in hopes of finding the rock formation that marks where the temple is.

Searching for the Temple

Aisha soon gets trapped in magical quicksand.  The guys form a chain, Tommy the one to grab Aisha’s hand, to rescue her.  Kimberly is off to the side; I’m a bit offended but can accept that in terms of raw strength the petite Kimberly is likely the least strong.  Once free, Aisha thanks her teammates.  Kimberly comforts her and Rocky checks that she’s okay.

They encounter a large rock formation that Billy thinks matches up to the one depicted on the map.  As the teens look around, Billy grows more certain that this is the place.  In contrast, Rocky suspects that Zordon was right that Ninjor is a myth.  Then the group of Tenga Warriors show up to the teens’ worry.

Billy gets kicked to the ground and Tommy checks on him.  This seems like a callback to Billy getting tossed about the most by the Putties in “Day of the Dumpster”.  It’s very possible that the teens’ physical augmentations vanished like their morphing abilities.  Certainly the teens are stuck on the defensive while fighting the Tengas.

When Kimberly gets cornered in a narrow crevasse, Billy and Tommy come to her rescue.  Soon the group as a whole gets cornered, so they head into a narrow passage that the larger Tengas can’t get into.  Adam bumps into a rock and there’s sudden shaking.  A rock rolls back to the teens’ worry but they decide to risk heading into the new space over confronting the Tengas again.  As they keep going, CGI spirits (?) are briefly seen for some reason.

The teens end up in a tunnel.  Billy hopes it’ll lead them to safety while Adam hopes it’ll take them to the temple.  As the teens travel down it, Rita watches on happily.  Zedd is grumpy that they’re still alive, but Rita is confident that the team will never escape.

One Tenga finds the concealed entrance, so he calls for his fellows- including the one holding the Vampirus egg.  The minions bury said egg there.

As they travel along, the tunnel is misty/foggy at the bottom now as they seemingly reach its end.  Going past Adam (who’d been leading the way), Tommy disappears as he nears the back wall.  A worried Kimberly asks Billy for answers.  Tossing a rock, Billy realizes that there must be a “power vortex” there.  There’s not even any technobabble to clarify what that means.  Billy and then Kimberly go through the ‘space’.  Aisha and Rocky head after them.  Adam goes last, which is peculiar since he was the one to lead the way through the tunnel itself.


I forgot to mention that last time’s credit bit had more of the villains’ joy over their victory.  This time, it’s the Tengas flailing about on the ‘moon’.  The Tenga Warriors, used in the movie, enter the show here as part of Rito’s belated wedding gift.  While sometimes ditzy, I do think he’s the better warrior than Goldar- at least until Rito cannot maintain that level of martial skill because the Rangers have to win more often than not due to the genre.  But that won’t be his fault.

Each of the Rangers does get a moment of sorts here, even if Aisha’s was having to be rescued from magical quicksand while Kimberly picking up a weird-looking rock caused a disproportionate amount of trouble.  Tommy’s the leader, Adam and Rocky waver between hope and cynicism, and Billy is the brains of the team.

Skull at least is having second doubts about joining the Junior Police Academy.  I’m not quite sure why Bulk is so determined to do this.  Maybe there is a part of him that wants to be a hero and not just unmask them?  I don’t know.

A little bit of the Power Coins’ origins is told here- I wonder if this includes the Green Power Coin.  And when/where/how Zordon obtained them.  It looks like Alpha was present, but the previous trilogy almost indicated that Alpha is a relatively recent addition yet Alpha and the five Power Coins were present back in 1880… this timeline makes no sense and my head hurts.  Maybe the Edenoites do have extended lifespans compared to humans?

Also, why are Zords called that if Zordon didn’t create the concept?  Is Zordon named after the Zords instead of it being the other way around?

The reviews for parts three and four will be posted next Tuesday.


Next time on Power Rangers: Ninjor ends up giving the teens their new Zords.


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