16-18: True Friends, True Spirits

Flit proves himself as an ally to the Rangers when an evil spirit infects RJ.

Last time on Power Rangers: Casey and RJ sorted out the leadership issue.


A Furry Little Problem

In the throne room, Carnisoar is grousing at Grizzaka.  Evidently Barrakooza is off battling the Rangers.  Jellica shows up to give Grizzaka a jar containing an evil spirit that can possess a human.  When Dai Shi expresses irritation, Grizzaka stresses that they are his spirits now.  “Ill winds” are told to blow to the Wolf Ranger.

The Jungle Master Megazord and Wolf Pride Megazord are fighting a supersized Barrakooza in Ocean Bluff.  Camille and Flit have dashed to a roof just in time to see the golden ‘wisp’ of a spirit enter the latter Megazord, causing RJ to react in startled confusion.

The trio is promptly worried, with Theo making the verbal query.  They only grow more baffled when the Wolf Pride Megazord attacks their Megazord.  In the cockpit area, RJ is in uniform but as his werewolf self.  Casey is particularly worried and confused.  Flit is worried while Camille is silently smug.  A pleased Barrakooza leaves.  One punch causes a massive energy blast.

Back to normal, a baffled RJ wakes up amongst the rubble.  Flit is stuck under one such chuck, RJ freeing him before recognizing the being.  Flit is initially worried that RJ will hurt him; when the brunette claims that he’s not like him and Camille, Flit refutes that he’s more like RJ than Camille.  Flit feels that he owes a life debt to RJ, but he waves him off as he has more serious concerns on his plate.

A grumpy Camille is calling for Flit out in the woods.

Flit flies into JKP, startling Fran as well as some customers.  RJ is fretting at the trio up in the loft.  Casey notices Flit’s presence first and uses a basketball to ‘fell’ him before picking him by a wing, suspecting that Flit is here to spy on them.  RJ explains the situation, with Flit adding that they’re friends now (at least to him).  Lily finds it sweet.

It’s emphasized that Flit doesn’t like Camille; this telling works largely due to all the showing of their prickly interactions in past episodes.  Furthermore, Flit states that he was human once, centuries ago.  There’s a flashback of an armored Camille fighting a backlit man up on a cliff.  She used magical powder to turn him into a fly and he mostly lives in her stomach.  Lily expresses the desire to break Flit’s curse, but Flit’s own focus is on explaining that an evil spirit was put into RJ.

Somehow, without the trio or Flit noticing, RJ had wandered off a bit and turned into a werewolf.  A battle breaks out, Casey stressing that he doesn’t want to hurt the other man… which ends up causing Theo and Lily to take point at first.  The werewolf isn’t overwhelmed by the trio, but does go down the vine hole.  The trio heads after him, with Flit flying behind.

Dai Shi is spying on the three Overlords when Camille finds him.  In a bad mood, he just pushes her aside as he heads elsewhere.

Out of Sync

Barrakooza is attacking civilians in Ocean Bluff.  Elsewhere in the city, the trio is chasing after the werewolf when their solar morphers beep.  Casey puts his on to get a video message from Fran about the monster’s return.  There’s a neat visual of what Casey sees, which I think includes a map of where the monster is.  That’s an excellent feature for morphers to include when the team can’t just teleport places.

All three are grumpy.  Casey decides to keep pursuing RJ while the other two go fight Barrakooza.  Said monster is blasting at buildings when the morphed Theo and Lily show up.  Electro-water blasts are used, which made me in wince in sympathy since electricity and water make for a dangerously painful combination.  Although the duo does their best, it’s clear that Barrakooza has the upper hand in the battle so they go into Jungle Master Mode.

Civilians flee from the werewolf… interestingly, the werewolf doesn’t seem interested in fighting the civilians for whatever reason.  Leftover morals from RJ’s psyche, maybe?  Casey can’t catch up, so Flit uses a sonic attack to halt the werewolf long enough so that Casey can do so.  Flit tells Casey to hold the werewolf still so that he can continue the pulse attack.

In his inner mind or whatever, RJ is battling the shirtless werewolf in a misty area and Flit shouts out encouragement.  RJ is a badass but can’t defeat the werewolf, leading Flit to fret.  The werewolf briefly gets free of Casey’s grip, but Casey manages to pin him to the ground, warning Flit to “do it faster”.  Flit goes back to ‘watch’ the battle and realizes that RJ needs to fight Grizzaka’s evil spirit, not his Wolf spirit.  He continues the exposition on what RJ should do.


Purple aura magic happens and RJ merges with the werewolf.  Casey is worried but RJ is back to normal as the evil spirit exits him.  Flit collapses onto a nearby table to the two guys’ worry.  Trying to reassure RJ, Flit then asks RJ again if they’re friends.

“Exactamendo,” affirms the brunet.

Bound Together

Lily and Theo continue to struggle in the fight against Barrakooza.  Rin Shi are called upon to finish off the duo, but then a morphed RJ shows up to do his catchphrase.  Lily is both pleased and startled.  RJ is briefly reassuring before starting to kick Rin Shi butt.  Further boosting Lily’s and Theo’s spirits is when a morphed Casey shows up on his Strike Cruiser.  Casey briefly uses it to destroy some of the Rin Shi before getting off to upgrade into Jungle Master Mode.  Stating his catchphrase, Casey then fights more minions.

Next Lily states her catchphrase before fighting Rin Shi, with Theo doing the same afterwards.  Upon RJ destroying a group of Rin Shi, Barrakooza attacks the Purple Ranger.  This goes poorly for him and the monster soon explodes.  The trio nears RJ, pleased.  However, Grizzaka uses Zocato to revive and supersize Barrakooza.

The transformation for the Wolf Pride Megazord is seen and RJ is confident.  However, a massive water jet attack is soon used on him.  The Jungle Master Megazord comes to the rescue before a second such attack can be launched.  The two team up to battle the monster, with “Spin Fury” as the final attack.  Flit is delighted for his friend as the monster explodes again.

Flit tries to fly but lands on the path in a new area (it might be a park).  The quartet finds him, RJ in particularly worried about him.  Flit admits that he’s fading because he’s been out of Camille’s stomach for too long.  He does his best to reassure RJ and express the hope that they can team up again.  RJ agrees that’d be great.

Camille uses her super long tongue to grab back Flit and is weirdly nice/possessive towards him before disappearing.  RJ is silently worried about his new friend.

Down in a chamber, Dai Shi has found the map to the Rhino Nexus.  Camille shows up to be concerned.  Dai Shi wants to leave for the location and learn to control Zocato power there.  He just leaves when she offers to accompany him.

Casey goes after a normal fly in the closed JKP; Lily, Theo, and Fran soon join him.  The latter three manage to chase the fly into the kitchen, while Casey gets knocked over when he tried to go through the door with an upright mop.  By the time he’s entered, the kitchen is wrecked and the others have been covered in flour.  They near Casey when the fly lands on his nose.  RJ grabs the fly first, heading off to release it.

“He really needs to get over Flit,” goes an exasperated Theo.

Casey doesn’t look too happy either.  Neither do the girls, but the guys’ reactions were the ones emphasized by the show.  Theo for being the snarky one, and Casey for being possibly the one closest to RJ.


This episode brought up a few questions for me.  Obviously, Flit knew where to find RJ since he was within Camille when she visited JKP and/or simply followed RJ back.  However, the term ‘centuries’ instead of ‘millennia’ was used in defining how long ago Flit was cursed.  I suspect that Camille fudged the truth about being trapped in the temple’s walls back in the premiere, since otherwise she’d have to explain how come any (if there were any) efforts to free Dai Shi failed.

A little more background on Flit is given- yet it’s not clarified why he was fighting Camille.  I strongly suspect there’s a story there, but what?  Suddenly I’m wondering if Flit just doesn’t know how long he’s been stuck in this form- then again, cursed/trapped personages tend to know how long they’ve been stuck (see Rita’s introduction, for example).  Now I’m wondering if the remaining free ‘beasts’ sided with the Orgs several millennia after their big defeat- even if the Orgs were anti-nature, they were also anti-human.  I’m trying to recall if there were any bug-themed Wild Zords- I don’t think so, but then again Flit’s fly form was forced onto him.

And is Flit even his real name?  Maybe he’s forgotten it after being called Flit for at least centuries.  It was understated, but there was an implication that Camille does care for Flit in a sense, if only out of sheer loneliness since he was likely her only companion for centuries.

The budding friendship between RJ and Flit was believably done.  It was interesting to see that there are multiple ways to put a human and his/her animal spirit out of balance as the topic will come up again (just not with RJ for the third time…).

Mostly this was a breather episode before the upcoming mini-arc featuring the fifth Ranger.


Next time on Power Rangers: Dom shows up.  ‘Yay’ (Fran will be so disappointed in me…)


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