SG6-14: Smoke & Mirrors

Jack is framed for Kinsey’s assassination.

Last time on Stargate SG-1: There was a near case of mass panic.


Glitch in the Matrix?

Okay, so this disc acted up- I know it’s the disc and not my laptop or media player, since my other shows’ discs are working fine.  This means I’ll try watching with the commentary on for the get-go to see if that’ll work as I haven’t gotten to watch the episode otherwise.  In other words, this review will be less through than usual due to circumstances.  At least the commentary has Peter and Gary…

The previously on centers on the NID and Kinsey, as well as Jack’s distaste.  The episode itself opens with ‘Jack’ shooting Kinsey, who’s out front of a hotel.  Admittedly, part of my problem is that I tried to jump to the end (which I usually don’t have a problem doing with) to see what was going on- evidently the gizmos from “Foothold” make their return to mimic other people.

Sam, Jonas, and Teal’c are watching a news report on things when Jack shows up in casual garb, having finally gotten his vacation (it having been delayed due to last time’s antics).  Hammond and some soldiers show up to arrest Jack for Kinsey’s death, to the shock of all four SG-1 members.

Peter does concede that the audience knows that Jack couldn’t have done it, so the tension comes from seeing how things actually happened.  SG-1 and Hammond watches footage obtained by Major Davis, which apparently shows Jack leaving the motel where the shooter struck from.  Everybody is incredulous about it seemingly have been Jack.

Jonas and Teal’c go visit a very grumpy Jack in jail.  Gary chats about how he got his role as Walter the Chevron Guy and how he ended up napping and getting caught out one day… the next day, when he did it again, Mario threw a nickel at him to wake him up.  Heh.

Hammond speaks with Sam, Jonas, and Teal’c in the briefing room.  They can’t see a way to prove Jack’s innocence.

Sam, in dress blues, goes to a heavily guarded lab with an African-American lady scientist.  She’s checking on the devices from “Foothold”.  She takes one to her visit with Jack (Jonas, in olive green, came along).  They have the (correct) theory on what actually happened.

Back at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, down in Jonas’ lab, he’s speaking with Sam and Teal’c.  They’re clarifying things to Jonas, as reports aren’t always enough to fill in the whole scenario.

Sam goes to DC to visit Agent Malcolm Barrett.  Peter affirms that he’s a good NID guy (the clarification is needed, given how often NID tries to hamstring SGC).

Teal’c and Jonas are doing research on the computer back in the lab.

Barrett and Carter are talking, the latter prickly.  Peter decided to emphasize how it’s an X-Files rip-off.  He writes down a location and time on a paper as presumably his office is bugged.

Forging a Bond

She’s in casual garb when she finds him reading a newspaper on a bench.  Peter lampshades how Sam is the show’s “black widow” in how any guys attracted to her tend to die.  Peter talks about how it’d make a fun plot twist for one of her love interests to not die.


They end up walking down a path, occasionally passing by civilians.  I think they end up coming to some kind of truce/temporary partnership.

Jonas speaks about how the gizmos work to Hammond, Teal’c, and Janet in the briefing room, as well as emphasizing the most likely suspect for who actually shot Kinsey.  The commentators are distracted by talking about a crew-woman.

Sam has driven herself and Barrett to a warehouse that the commentary admits is located near their sets.  The interior is some kind of armory/office hybrid.  They end up speaking with a middle-aged man who is an arms dealer.

Sam and Barrett fail to find a fingerprint match on her laptop; I think they’re back in her hotel room.  After some chat, Barrett leaves.  Sam remains pensive.

Jonas, Tea’c, and Janet are down in the study- Janet’s at the computer as Teryl is also good at technobabble according to Peter.

Sam’s waiting in her car in a suburban area, on her cell with Hammond (he’s on the red phone).  Barrett enters the car with a full manila folder as it’s time to keep going.

Teal’c and Jonas go to a small house, both in civilian garb.  It’s a slightly odd visual, given how often they’re in SGC uniforms.  The commentary does bring up Teal’c wearing a black hat (it’s hiding his gold emblem).

At this point, the disc acted up again, I’m afraid.  I’ve managed to gather that Kinsey did survive the first shooting and that there was a second attempt in the hospital that failed, as well as Sam managing to get a group to incriminate themselves before Barrett and his subordinates came in to arrest them.  I just wish that I could easily watch the remainder of the episode.


I suspect I would have better appreciated this episode if I could have figured out what was wrong with the disc. Both the normal and commentary versions acted up for whatever reason.

Sam seems more tan than usual.  Maybe Amanda Tapping went somewhere sunny on vacation?

Jack got sidelined as he spent most of the episode off-screen in jail.  His teammates worked to prove his innocence and succeeded with some aid from Janet Fraiser and Agent Malcolm Barrett, who had been previously seen in “Wormhole X-Treme!”.

It’s kind of hard to do a proper conclusion without getting to watch the whole episode, I’m afraid.  Also, now the current Time Force disc is acting up… I think my media player needs updating.  Oi.


Next time on Stargate SG-1: Harry Maybourne makes his return!


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