9-27: Frax’s Fury

The titular character wants his revenge on Ransik.

Last time on Power Rangers: Steelix tried to take out Jen by any means possible.


Reasons Revealed

Frax rants about Ransik down in his lab.  Over the intercom, Ransik calls for him as the mutant turns out be lying in a hallway, his skin bubbling.  He needs another vial of the serum; as Frax grumbles to himself, he clearly gets an idea.  However, Nadira then grabs the vial from the robot to have her father drink it.  Gluto grabs the case of vials from Frax as well.  Nadira turns to glare at Frax while her father’s skin returns to normal.

Having picked out a mutant to reanimate, Frax goes down to the X-Vault, bragging to himself about how he has the only key, to get out its canister.  Soon the mutant is attacking civilians throughout Silver Hills.

In their vehicles, Eric and some of the Silver Guardians arrive.  Checking on one guy, Eric realizes there’s a mark on the other man’s throat as well as something weird is happening to his skin.

Nadira tells her father about the mutant attack, initially thinking he’s behind it.  A hologram is used and Ransik recognizes the mark.  Although Nadira is oblivious, Gluto starts to tremble in fear.  There’s a rainy flashback to how Ransik had been attacked by Venomark.


A “foolish and naïve” doctor saved Ransik by giving him the first dosage of the blue serum.  The doctor already has Cyclobots as helpers.  In the laboratory, Ransik lies on a cot (I think) until he wakes up.  The bespectacled human introduces himself as Doctor Louis Fericks.  As Ransik has “different DNA”, he is now dependent on the serum otherwise the symptoms will resume.  Louis doesn’t care about the differences between humans, mutants, and robots- he just likes building his “mechanical friends”.  It’s soon fairly clear that he prefers robots.

Ransik quickly grows aggressive.  When he leaves the laboratory with the case of serum, the building is on fire behind the mutant.  Due to the serum, Ransik thinks he’s safe from Venomark but the other mutant isn’t safe from him because he wants his revenge.  Huh.  Revenge is very much a reoccurring theme in this season: Jen wants in on Ransik, Dash on Lucas, Steelix on Jen, and on Ransik on Venomark.

A group of young men are playing with a football in the park.  Venomark is lurking nearby and attacks one when he has to go into the bushes to retrieve the ball.  The five morphed Rangers show up to protect the rest of the civilians, who quickly flee.  Conjuring up a blade, Venomark blasts down the group and attacks four of the Rangers.  Wes keeps on fighting only to get pinned down.

However, the impatient Ransik blasts at Venomark.  He pulls out a bone blade to get more personal in his attacks.  Before Ransik can destroy Venonmark, his skin starts to bubble.  Venomark manages to get away while Ransik drinks the serum, dropping the vial afterwards.  Wes quietly exposits on what just happened before Ransik teleports away.

Venomark is panicking over Ransik’s survival up on a roof.  Frax shows up to be ‘reassuring’ as Venomark’s task is to destroy the Rangers while Frax’s is to destroy Ransik.

Making a Cure

Four of the Rangers are on cots in the clock tower, writhing in pain.  Wes does his best to tend to his teammates, although he’s particularly gentle with Jen.  The TV has a news report on the situation, including the fact that scientists are struggling to find a cure.  Circuit has found the data on Venomark, but there’s no information on a cure.

Lucas’ arm starts to bubble.  Wes promptly flashbacks to the earlier scene, because this show evidently has no faith in its viewers’ memory spans.  The blond runs back to the space where the battle took place; the broken vial turns out to have a small amount of the serum left in it.

Wes goes to Bio-Lab, where he finds a cranky Eric.  However, Eric does go to Mister Collins’ office to have an awkward Wes show up.  It doesn’t take much for the three guys with briefcases to exit.  Mister Collins is vaguely amused by the fact that Wes has been gone for “months” and only turning up to ask for a favor.

Wes has brought the contained sample of the cure, knowing that Bio-Lab has the technology to quickly replicate and deliver it.  Off topic, but the nameplate for Mister Collins’ desk states “A. Collins”, so at least it’s now known what initial Mister Collins’ first name starts with.  Mister Collins quickly realizes that such a cure would be a “gold mine”.

Eric mans the Silver Guardians in getting the vials of serum out.  Wes leaves on his motorcycle after the two men nod at each other.  Once in the clock tower, Wes hands out three vials to his friends but helps Jen drink hers.  He’s clearly playing favorites due to his crush.  The mark fades from Jen’s throat to Wes’ relief.  The others recover and get up.  Jen gives Wes a hug as the other go to stand behind him.

At a hospital, Eric is among the Silver Guardians handing out vials of serum.  He even goes to help an elderly woman get the cure.  Just after she thanks him, Venomark attacks Eric.  Luckily, the morphed quintet comes to his defense before he can get ‘marked’.  Venomark is angry at the humans getting cured.  Eric wants to take point in this battle.  Wes is surprisingly okay with that- or maybe not so much, given how Eric was vital in having Bio-Lab create the cure.

The Quantum Ranger morphing sequence is seen.  Lucas goes to protect a case of the serum vials.  Eric goes into his Mega Battle mode.  Wes gets Jen to stay back while Eric goes after Venomark, as in this mode Eric can keep pace with the swift mutant.

“You’re in big trouble now,” goes Venomark before exposing his mutant DNA so he can supersize.

Wes contacts Circuit, so the Time Fliers arrive and form the Time Force Megazord.  The Q-Rex shows up, going into Battle Mode.  It’s suddenly rather dark and stormy out, which is odd given how the previous scene was rather sunny.  The battle doesn’t last long, with Venomark soon shrunken and frozen.

In civilian mode, the Rangers are helping to hand out the serum.  Wes gives Eric a thumbs-up, leading the dark-haired man to nod in response.

Hate Causes Hate

Ransik goes to his ‘office’ only to realize all his vials of serum have been destroyed.  Frax shows up with a single unbroken vial.  Ransik tries to insist that humans are their enemies.  In refutation, Frax reveals that he’s what remains of Doctor Fericks.

There’s a thankfully shadowy flashback of the heavily burned/injured Fericks transforming himself into Frax in order to survive.  He has vowed revenge on Ransik and drops the last vial.  Unnerved, Ransik still fires at the robot.  I’m unsure if Frax teleported away in time or if he’s been destroyed.  I suspect the explosion wasn’t large enough to warrant a major villain death.


Obviously, the episode put the most emphasis on Frax’s backstory and latest effort to get revenge on Ransik.  Wes was the secondary focus, particularly his connections with Jen, Eric, and Mister Collins.  Katie, Lucas, and Trip barely got a line apiece in this episode.

I’m left wondering what exactly happened between Venomark and Ransik- did Venomark attack just because he could, or were the two rivals in the past?  Certainly, Venomark knows enough about Ransik to be afraid of him.  Venomark must have been caught soon after his attack on Ransik, otherwise he would have learned of Ransik’s survival.  I’m very concerned that Venomark’s poison is ultimately fatal- that’d be further justification for why he was in the X-Vault.

What confuses me is how someone so mechanically-minded as Fericks came up with or even had possession of the cure.  Actually, he had it on hand at the time- maybe he had heard of Venomark’s attacks and was trying to come up with a cure?  Yet antidote creation and robotics tend to be separate scientific fields.  I don’t think the whole story got told here.  It is interesting that the cure works differently for mutants than humans- one dose can completely cure a human, while Ransik is dependent on it for his continued survival.  That implies it was designed for humans, which shores up the theory that Fericks (or whoever it was) created it for humans attacked by Venomark.  Maybe omni-disciplinary scientists are an actual thing in 3000?

Nadira must have been a later addition to Ransik’s life, if she didn’t know about Venomark before this.  I’m left wondering about the timeline, because it’s been rather vague so far.  Not just the events from around 3000 either- I’m not sure how long it’s been since Wes left his father’s home, as I presume that’s the event Mister Collins referred to.

Near as I can tell, Ransik trashed the laboratory and tried to kill Fericks because he couldn’t stand to be indebted to a human.  I can only guess he was too disoriented from Venomark’s attack to later recognize the Cyclobots as having been created by Doctor Fericks when Frax made more of them.

Fericks got consumed by his need for revenge on Ransik, sinking down to his level as he played the long game to get his vengeance.  This season has been very straightforward about how revenge is not a good idea by showcasing its ill effects several times with differing characters.

Interestingly, nobody mentioned a fee the hospitals paid to obtain the cure despite Mister Collins clearly agreeing due to the potential financial gains.  Maybe Bio-Lab’s publicists talked him out of it as a bad move?  In contrast, Eric’s softer side was seen with his giving in towards Wes and his gentle demeanor towards injured civilians.


Next time on Power Rangers: Ransik personally attacks Bio-Lab to gain more of the serum.


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