16-20: Dash for the Dagger

After a dream, Dom seeks out the Control Dagger so he can enter the Rhino Nexus.

Last time on Power Rangers: Dom joined the team as the White Ranger.


The Titular Item

One night in the loft, Dom sleeps restlessly.  The blond dreams of his meeting with Master Mao just prior to his departure from the academy.  Mao gives him the Control Dagger to keep safe, as it’ll help him find his destiny.

Dai Shi is nearing the temple’s entrance in a wooded area when Jellica wraps herself around him, laughing evilly.

Casey and Lily are working together to make breakfast on the loft’s upper level, which will involve eggs apparently.  Theo is reading nearby.  Dom shows up and tells them about his dream and the Control Dagger as Theo wanders over to where the other three are.  On the lower level, RJ is sitting cross-legged.  He tells them about the Jungle of Spirits and the Rhino Nexus, and how legend states that the Control Dagger is the only way to get in.  Dom thinks that this is his destiny and has kept the dagger safe somewhere.  Theo opts to tag along with Dom; RJ is pleased by this, presumably seeing it as a bonding activity rather than the lack-of-faith gesture it actually is.

Grizzaka gives orders to a monster in the throne room.  Carnisoar has found two more Crystal Eyes.  Demanding the other six, Grizzaka threatens that there will be “no second chances”, which I almost want to call foreshadowing for a later episode.  Jellica and Dai Shi show up; she found the map on him.  Grizzaka exposits mockingly at Dai Shi.

In the ensuing fight, Grizzaka is clearly the stronger warrior.  An armored Dai Shi does manage a flash of Zocato, leading the other to use it properly on him, leading him to revert to normal.  Grizzaka orders Dai Shi into the dungeon, Jellica taking point in doing so.  Huh.  I wonder if she and Carnisoar were always loyal to Grizzaka or if their loyalties just shift with the tide/wind.

Dom and Theo have ended up a diner- I’m unsure if we’re still in Ocean Bluff or not.  Theo tries to scold Dom into taking things seriously but it turns out that Dom hid the wrapped Control Dagger under the booth.  Disapprovingly Theo takes it for safe-keeping.  On the one hand, out-of-the-box and creative thinking is a great asset (look at Bridge for example).  On the other, there was no guarantee that the diner wouldn’t switch out booths, shut down and get demolished, or some other factor.  Yes, similar arguments can be made for other hiding spots, but this does feel the show didn’t think through the possible consequences.

Theo manages to talk a laundry-bearing lady into letting them share the taxi with her.  Dom shows up with his to-go bag of food.


During the ride, the two of them are chatting rather openly despite the lady and her basket of laundry between them.  They drop by the laundromat and help her get her laundry out before continuing on.

The monster is attacking Ocean Bluff so the morphed trio of Lily, Casey, and RJ shows up.  As the Rangers fight him (her?), Camille shows up to watch from behind a pillar.

Dom is snacking when Theo’s morpher beeps.  He puts it on to get Casey’s message but then realizes that he misplaced the Control Dagger.  Dom is understandably snarky, but that only worsens Theo’s stress.

The monster is fighting the trio.  An armored Camille attacks Lily, managing to trick the blonde into saying just enough to piece together that one of their friends has the Control Dagger.

Theo and Dom have backtracked to the laundromat to search for it.

The monster has the upper hand in the fight so Casey tries to contact Theo again.  Although he gets the message, the two of them are still searching.

Chronically Heroic

The trio is struggling against the monster until Lily gets the idea of them combining attacks.  She and Casey go into Jungle Master mode.  RJ uses his Wolf Beam, followed by the duo’s attacks.  Then comes a trifecta attack that batters the monster, leading to an explosion.

Grizzaka uses Zocato power to revive/supersize the monster.  The Wolf Pride Megazord is formed in response.

Dom finds the Control Dagger in a washing machine, tossing it over to Theo.  Theo is grateful while Dom is reassuring.  He hands the dagger back over to be taken to the loft.  Unknown to them, a disguised Camille has been watching by another machine.  She has loose straight dark hair and green-ish civilian garb.

The Wolf Pride Megazord is struggling when the Antelope Zord comes to its aid.  Casey and Lily call upon the Gorilla and Penguin Zords respectively so that the Jungle Master Megazord can be formed.  The two Megazords tag-team against the monster, who opts to fly away.  The Spirit of the Bat is added to the Jungle Master Megazord so that the trio can pursue their foe.

An egg-like something emerges from the chest-mouth prior to the massive explosion, sinking into the ground afterward.

Dom gets lured off by two guys with a struggling and screaming lady into an alley.  However, the two guys were actually Rin Shi, with three more with staffs appearing behind him.  Camille (her face now visible) reverts to normal as well.

His teammates have returned to the loft- Theo in casual garb while the other three are in uniform.  Theo quickly realizes that Dom must have gotten in trouble if he’s not back yet.

A morphed Dom is fighting the minions and an armored Camille.  RJ prevents Camille from getting the Control Dagger.  Dom heads over to be overconfident, casually holding it.  Camille uses her super-long tongue to grab it and turn invisible.  Casey is not happy with Dom, while Lily is more worried about the impending fallout.

The ’egg’ hatches into an upgraded version of the monster.  The five Rangers take on the monster.  Dom holds his own and eventually gets the upper hand.  They each do their initial, individual statements.

“Five Animal Spirits, Unite as One,” goes Casey before he and his teammates chorus, “Power Rangers Jungle Fury!”

They charge and attack, the monster soon exploding.  Grizzaka merely uses Zocato power again to revive/supersize the monster.  Dom has to stay back, RJ keeping him company as the Jungle Master Megazord is formed.  The trio basically do the gnome-tossing maneuver from Harry Potter on the monster.  “Jungle Master Fury Fit” attack is used and the monster soon explodes to the trio’s triumph.  RJ and Dom are pleased as well.

Back in the loft, Casey apologizes to Dom, having learned about Theo’s misstep off-screen.  RJ sits in his green armchair while Theo and Lily express their worries.  The brunet decides that it’s “field trip” time.  Dom is baffled why Dai Shi would get the dagger that is his destiny.  RJ points out that maybe Dom’s destiny is “intertwined” with Dai Shi’s.

Going to Dai Shi’s cell, Camille gives him the Control Dagger.  He slices his way out and is determined to change fate.


The opening credits now include Dominic and some footage of his upcoming Zord.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite catch in the episode which ‘version’ of the monster is Whirricane and which is Whirnado.  I think each name is mentioned maybe once, which doesn’t help.

I definitely got the impression that the episode sided with Dom (again).  Look, I recognize that Sixth Rangers (or fifth in this case) tend to get a mini-arc of their very own after arriving, but usually they’re not so… lop-sided in what is being shown versus what is being told (or implicit in the script).

Theo did mess up in trying to rush their return- this wouldn’t have happened if they had waited for the next taxi.  But Dom’s hiding spot could have been better, particularly if something (even as minor as a name change) had happened during the six years he was away.  Camille’s theft wouldn’t have occurred if Dom hadn’t been so overconfident- it’s never a good idea to turn your back on a still-standing opponent.

On the one hand, Casey did snap at Dom.  On the other hand, losing the Control Dagger is not good news, and I could buy Casey still doubting about just how seriously Dom is taking things- just because he rescued Fran doesn’t mean that Dom understands the scope of what’s going on.

It just rankles, how Dom is being treated as being always the wronged party and how the script never stops to consider how the other Rangers’ annoyances/concerns might be valid.  Other Sixth Rangers get a more nuanced approach in the seasons I’ve seen- Doggie gets called out by Kat at times, Daggeron got a lesson in flexibility, Tyzonn to re-open himself to being on a team, Ryan to reconnect with family and help others, and Eric is a work in progress.  Okay, Tommy ended up being the hero, especially after Jason left, but Tommy takes being a Ranger seriously.

… Suddenly I’m wondering how things could have played out if this attitude had been retained for the treatment of Gem and Gemma next season.  There probably would have been a lot more explosions.

Also, my laptop’s media player is still acting up.  Ai-ai-ai, as Alpha would say.


Next time on Power Rangers: Heroes and villains alike head for the Rhino Nexus.


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