ATLA 3-19: Sozin’s Comet, Part 2

While the rest of the Gaang find “The Old Masters”, Aang tries to get supportive advice from past Avatars.

Last time on Avatar: Zuko revealed his father’s plan to his friends.


Right, I did get to watch the episode itself before my media player decided to act up.  This was largely a breather episode to set up for the latter half of the finale.

Aang speaks with Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, and Yangchen- the past four Avatars while on the mysterious island.  He doesn’t realize it due to his mindset, but none of them actually said that he had to kill Ozai.  Roku warned against being too merciful due to his experience with Sozin (though it could be argued that a less aggressive approach might have worked), Kyoshi stated that if someone won’t move then you have to move them to stop warfare, Kuruk noted that action has to be taken, and Yangchen stressed that doing the duty of the Avatar sometimes matters more than personal morals (similar to what Guru Pathik tried to teach Aang).

June ends up leading them to the broken outer wall of Ba Sing Se before leaving (as Aang cannot be found, Zuko used Iroh’s sandal so that he could be found).  It turns out that Pakku, Bumi, Jeong-Jeong, and Piandao are all part of the Order of the White Lotus- and Iroh is a Grand Master.  There’s a flashback to Bumi single-handedly taking back Omashu during the eclipse after using rocks to get free of his metal ‘coffin’.  There’s also the reveal that Pakku and Kanna have married to the siblings’ glee (Pakku isn’t keen on Sokka’s hugs or nicknames, though).


Zuko waits for Iroh to wake up before doing his apologetic speech, only to be interrupted by a hug.  Their reconciliation is very heart-warming.  Zuko’s slip of calling Ozai the “Father Lord” later on is heart-breaking (although also possibly a meta reference to Mark Hamill’s iconic role).

It’s revealed that the ‘island’ is actually a massive Lion Turtle.  Aang doesn’t seem to speak much with the massive beast before being left at a point where Ozai will apparently show up.

The ‘roles’ for during the comet are split up: the White Lotus is to take back Ba Sing Se (Iroh now realizes this is what his long-ago vision truly meant), Zuko and Katara are to take on/out Azula, and Sokka, Suki, and Toph are to team up to try taking out the air fleet before the Earth Kingdom can be burned to ashes.

One page in the art book is utterly devoted to the detailed original vision for the Lion-Turtle, as the massive beast was meant to be even more “epic and impressive”.  The captions also affirm that this was always the plan as well as there having been lion-turtle images in past episodes as foreshadowing.

The facing page shows Iroh and Bumi in their White Lotus garb, sketches of the eel-hound, and two background designs (the lion-turtle shell glen where Aang speaks to his past lives, and the broken outer wall).

It’s hard to believe that I’m halfway through the series finale.


Next time on Avatar: Azula’s downfall begins.


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