6-15: Paradise Lost

Harry and Jack end up stranded.

Last time on Stargate SG-1: Kinsey was nearly assassinated.


Okay, so I fixed the issue by downloading a new media player.  Huzzah.  I did watch the rest of the commentary for “Smoke & Mirrors”; it was indeed enjoyable and there was a clarification by Peter about how the mimicking gizmos have rules to prevent them from being constantly used.  There’s also a spoiler about how Kinsey will become the vice president as well as the fact that his goals are largely anti-SGC.

Onward to this episode!

Jack is grilling hot dogs at his house… but Harry grabbed one and a bun, as well as a beer bottle to Jack’s annoyance.  Harry is just snarky right back.  He’s interested in getting a pardon since the President can’t be reelected again and therefore might be lenient now that’s not a factor.  There’s some chatting about the Prometheus and they’re mutually snarky about Simmons’ death.  Harry reveals that the planet in question has a Gate, but it was easier for the NID to capture the X-303 than find a way to get into SGC long enough to use it.  NID is keeping quiet about this sort of thing since they want to get the weapons, not SGC.

Harry wants to go with Jack to this particular planet, leading to more banter.  Then Harry notes, “Ah, nothing I like more than a good wiener.”

Suddenly my half-joking theory that Harry has a crush on Jack gets a lot more plausible.  That sounds like an innuendo and when looked at in the context of Harry’s ‘notice me/team up with me/I will tease you’ antics towards Jack, really seems like Harry feels something towards the other guy.  Harry clearly respects Jack, especially when Jack’s ‘dark side’ acts up (unlike most people).

Anyway, Jack gets snarky so Harry puts the paper with the Gate address on the lit grill.  When it’s revealed what it is, Jack grabs it and puts on the flames with his beer.  Harry has the key to the weapons facility itself and wiggles his fingers at Jack before leaving.

Back at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Jack has updated his teammates and Hammond in the briefing room.  They decide that they can still check out the planet without Harry.  There’s a lovely long-distance shot, including the planet’s moon, before seeing the quartet reach a long-abandoned complex.  Jonas theorizes that this might have been made by the Furlings, along with an off-handed reference to the Great Alliance.

Jack is skeptical that the Furlings came up with anything impressive as they sound “cute and fuzzy” to him.  Jonas starts to work on the translation.  There’s a space for the key.  Sam gets energy readings from the arch and finds some complex technology behind a panel.

Returning via wormhole, Jack reports to Hammond in the Gate room.  There’s a possible transporter but it does in fact require Maybourne’s key.

A Friendly Enemy is Still an Enemy

Harry arrives in SGC, surrounded by guards.  He apparently turned himself in (I’m kind of interested in how that played out).  Once Harry, Jack, and the guards arrive in the briefing room, Hammond orders the cuffs removed.  The general points out that recently, Harry has been more of an ally than a foe.  Harry has brought along a case which contains a wrapped object, which itself is shiny and odd.

Jack doesn’t want to take Harry off-world, but Harry knows the right combination to activate the transporter.  Harry got a translation from a scroll (the source of which he doesn’t state) and is determined to be the one that opens the door.

The Gate is being activated.  Jack and Hammond are concerned but don’t know what else to do.  In SGC uniform, Harry is pretty pleased with himself as he heads up the ramp with Jack.  It turns out that this will be Harry’s first trip through the Stargate as he ran the off-world operation from Earth.  He’s excited about getting to do so.

They head through the wormhole and go to the complex (there’s a long-distance shot, but no moon this time).  Jonas has largely translated things, but needs some stuff from SGC to finish up.  Harry puts in the ‘key’, making it light up.  He twists it around to encode the combination.  He seems confused that it didn’t work, but then he grabs Sam’s zat to zat her and Jack.  He grabs the key, which activates the portal.  Both Harry and Jack end up going through.  Sam is barely conscious during this.

I have to wonder if Sam’s zat was on an extra-low setting or something, as neither she nor Jack ended up unconscious.  That, or they’ve built up a tolerance over the years.

Utopia Undone

Jack shakes Harry repeatedly, trying to cuss him out but Harry just calls out his name twice, the second time with more emphasis.  They’re in a field of little yellow flowers- pine trees are in the near distance, with mountains further away.

Jonas and Teal’c return to find a semiconscious Sam.

Harry is whiny.  It turns out that the zat didn’t come along, possibly due to being a Goa’uld weapon (akin to Asgard technology seen in the past).  He quickly grows snarky and heads off to ‘show’ Jack what’s going on.

Sam has checked her laptop and gives orders to Jonas about what to do once back at SGC.  Harry is still whiny, but an unsympathetic Jack points out, “You shot me.”

“Zatted,” Harry corrects him.  There are people where they are going.  Harry clarifies that about eighty years ago, the scroll and key were found- the message, when translated, was about an alien utopia of peace.  Simmons was lied to as well, but Jack’s unhappy that he was lied to again by Harry.

Harry is “tired of running” and can’t live on Earth anymore, particularly after not getting the money for getting a Goa’uld symbiote for the Russians.  He wanted a chance to retire in paradise.  Jack notes, “I see trees, Harry.  You get that in Colorado.

Siler is the Gate room, other technicians nearby, when Hammond arrives.  Teal’c and Sam arrive through the Gate, and it’s been over two hours.  Sam blames herself for this mess, as Harry grabbed her zat.

Jack and Harry are walking along, the former listing off ‘real’ vacation perks, such as “cabana boys”.  Okay… maybe Jack is feigning obliviousness again, or he’s being flippant.  Either choice is equally valid.  The banter abruptly stops when they find the village abandoned and in ruins.  In shock, Harry goes, “There’s no one here.”

“I noticed that.”

Jack nudges a thing with his foot and then picks it up to study it closer.  Dropping it, he moseys over to check out something else, soon calling for Harry.  Jack removes his sunglasses as Harry comes over.  There are skeletons, making Jack snarky.

There’s another long-distance shot of the complex.

Some scientists are doing stuff.  One balding bespectacled guy tries to talk to Sam about the low odds, but she’s in a bad mood with Jack gone.  Teal’c is trying to meditate nearby.

Jack is crouching near some water.  When Harry comes over, Jack acknowledges why Harry made the choice he did.  They don’t have any idea how to get back.

“You going to kill me?” Harry checks, only mostly joking.

“I’ll sleep on it.”  Again, I’m not sure that Jack is entirely joking here.

Jack gets up and leaves.  The camera stays on the lakeside as it turns to night and then day.  Jack gets water from a running source to drink from his canteen.  He walks through a field of flowers, some woods, and reaches a waterfall.

Harry is making a fire when Jack returns.  Jack thinks rescue is possible but Harry isn’t so sure.  Jack starts to eat a cookie, annoying the hungry Harry… until Jack decides to share.  Harry’s been drinking straight from the lake, which Jack thinks is a bad idea but Harry refutes that he’s not dead yet.  Harry stresses again that rescue is unlikely.

Sam reports back to Teal’c that the Tok’ra aren’t available to even try being helpful.  The scientists are packing up.  The one from before points out that it’s been a week and he suspects that the artifact was critical in determining where the transporter sends people.  He wants to do what Hammond says, not Sam.  I kind of get it, as Sam is clearly not thinking very straight due to Jack being missing.  She and Teal’c are silent, both worried although she’s also irritated.


Harry drops by as a barefooted Jack tries to fish.  He doesn’t like what he’s found to eat by foraging, and has been hearing “weird sounds”.  He tosses a grenade into the water and activates it, upsetting Jack.  As Harry heads off to collect the dead fish, Jack goes, “That is just wrong on so many levels.”

Dead fish get tossed onto the shore.  As they eat the cooked fish, Jack warns him against doing that again.  Evidently Jack’s sense of fair play carries over to fishing.  Harry deflects to revealing that he heard someone or something running around last night, but couldn’t find tracks.  He’s afraid that some of the Utopians might be around somehow, particularly given all the weirdness SGC has dealt with over the years.

To the point, Harry wants Jack’s nine mil as Jack also has a P-90 for self-defense.  Jack thinks that he himself is the scariest thing around.  Harry takes a fish to eat elsewhere, angrily taking off his hat.  Elsewhere in the ruins, Jack wraps up an item to hide- I think it’s one of his guns.  I think Harry is watching him, though the camera is coy as it’s from the watcher’s perspective.

In the briefing room, Sam is talking at Hammond, Jonas, and Teal’c about her plan to find Jack (no mention of Harry).  Hammond tries to be practical.  There’s an off-world activation so the group heads down the spiral stairs to the control room.  Walter has gotten the Tok’ra code; Jalrow reports over the ‘radio’ that he dropped by to scan the planet in question and there weren’t any human life signs there.  Sam stalks off while the guys stay put.

Two Weeks Later

There’s a caption to highlight the time skip.  Jack wakes up and quickly grabs a smaller gun as he edges out of his sleeping area.  Under the circumstances, he’s remarkably well-groomed.  Going to his hidey hole, Jack realizes the item is gone.  Jack wanders around, looking for Harry.

Going to the artifact he had picked up on his first day, Jack picks it up and sits down with it.  He keeps his gun out and eats leaves as he looks at the various images.  Jack uses the artifact to mark out the various skeletons to see if everybody did die or not.  The colors get odd and the camera circles him.  A twig snaps nearby, so he goes to hide behind an arch.  He calls for “Maybourne” and searches anxiously.

Jack gets sweaty as he ends up by a creek where there are some skeletons.  He crouches down to a pair, one of which has a blade in its throat… and there’s a Goa’uld symbiote skeleton.  He uses the blade to pick up the symbiote skeleton; it’s telling that Jack won’t touch one even as a skeleton.

Sam is moping in a darkened room.  Teal’c finds her.  When the blonde points out that it’s the women’s locker room, Teal’c points out there’s no reason for him to not be there (Sam’s alone and fully dressed).  Sam is trying to not cry, as she’s scared that Jack won’t be returning.  She brings up how they ‘just’ lost Daniel and she breaks down at how they’re losing Jack too.  Teal’c gives her a hug as she cries.  The commentary notes that Sam and Teal’c have only very gradually become friends over the seasons.

Out in the woods, Jack stumbles over a trip line and gets hurt during the ensuing explosion.  There’s a pig-like creature that Jack shoots at, so it flees.  Harry is heard, and got nicked by one of Jack’s bullets from where he was in hiding (he apparently was trying to catch the pig).  There’s a bit of a standoff.  As Harry runs off, Jack claims that a plant is messing with Harry’s head.  Jack tends to his wound, getting a chunk of wood out of his leg.

Sam is in her lab with Teal’c.  Jonas shows up, revealing that Sam is an option for the new SG-1 leader.  He’s also obtained photos of the key.  Looking at them, Sam has an epiphany that the duo got sent to the moon, expositing her reasoning to her teammates.

The lighting is normal again for a bloody, tired, and uneasy Jack.  Nearby, Harry has mud on him.  Jack exposits at him about how a Goa’uld brought a plant through the portal that turned out to induce paranoia and led the people to kill each other.  Harry shoots a lot at Jack, as well as tossing a grenade.  He then heads over, but Jack managed to get behind him and aims a gun at Harry to get him to drop the gun or he’ll shoot.  Harry doesn’t, so Jack shoots Harry but then works to save him as the screen flickers to white repeatedly.

Jack has fixed up Harry as best he can.  When he does wake up, Harry is promptly snarky as his head is clearer now.  It turns out he’s been out of it for about a day.  Harry is miserable but Jack tries to reassure him.  Undeterred, Harry apologizes to Jack for getting them into this whole mess.  Jack doesn’t want him to die.

A Tok’ra ship arrives, enabling more banter.  Harry still doesn’t want to go to jail for the rest of his life.  Jack concedes that he did get to shoot Harry (leading Harry to note that it was twice) and decides that the Tok’ra can drop Harry off on a planet.  They’re pretty pleased with themselves.


The commentary acknowledges just how great the chemistry is between Tom and Richard (the actors).  This is apparently second mention of the Furlings, brought about by fan reactions to them having only come up once- and that was in the first season.

The weird thing is, Maybourne does the inverse of the ‘beard of evil’.  Once he has facial hair, he’s a much less malicious character.  For most of the episode, Harry and Jack are on a first-name basis, which emphasizes how they’re more like bickering friends rather enemies.  I believe that Harry shows up one last time in season eight.

Once again, Sam is determined to rescue Jack.  I think her zat being used was a smoke screen; Sam’s focused on Jack because of her romantic feelings towards him.  Still, this is turning into a regular habit for her- “Solitudes”, “A Hundred Days”, and “Abyss” all contained a similar plotline and that’s just off the top of my head.

This episode didn’t really add much to any of the arcs, but it was great to see the Jack-and-Harry antics as the forefront of the episode.  I’m very grateful that I got the media player issue sorted out so that I could properly watch this episode.  The commentary even admits that this episode was more about the Jack-and-Harry dynamic than the Jack-and-teammates one at the end.

I think the main moral here is that with the Goa’uld around, ‘paradise’ isn’t possible in this galaxy just as it can’t be in the Asgardian galaxy due to the Replicators.


Next time on Stargate SG-1: Nirrti causes trouble.


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