3-10: Wizard for a Day

Rito accidentally turns science teacher Mister Wilton into ‘Marvo the Meanie’.

Last time on Power Rangers: Adam was entrusted with a family heirloom.


Role Reversal

Adam, Billy, and Tommy are training in karate at the Gym and Juice Bar.  The latter two are black belts, of course, but Billy has moved up to being a red belt.  There’s a reminder to not break boards without the proper training, which is mostly there for Doylist reasons.  Rocky comes in, carrying a lot of books.  He’s been chosen for the ‘teacher for a day’ program, replacing Mister Wilton.  The other guys express their concern, as he’s an extremely strict science teacher.  Mister Wilton shows up, attempting to be friendly as he will be taking Rocky’s place in his classes just as Rocky will be for him.  He ends up breaking a board, mildly hurting himself in the process.  The four guys remain intimidated, however.

Rita is snarky up in the moon fortress.  Rito expresses a desire to be the evil leader, with Rita and Zedd as his sidekicks.  Lord Zedd wouldn’t mind a vacation so he agrees to switch roles for a day.  Grabbing both staffs, Rito is pleased and is certain he’ll be victorious.

Bulk and Skull are on parking detail.  The former is a lot more optimistic about moving up the ranks than the latter.  They spy a suit-clad Rocky carrying his armful of books.  Bulk recognizes the books as the teacher’s editions and theorizes Rocky might be cheating, so they ought to investigate.

They ‘hide’ in trashcans in the hallway, going to Rocky’s locker to take photos and claim the books as evidence.  Rocky heads back to his locker, leaving behind Adam and Tommy.  Initially bemused by the ‘trash cans’, Rocky quickly grows worried by the books’ absence.

Nervously Rocky teaches what seems to be a chemistry class; it goes poorly to the worry of Adam and Tommy.

In a red shirt and jeans, Mister Wilton is attending one of Rocky’s classes.  He’s answering all the questions, annoying the female teacher into calling him by his first name of Wilbur.  Wilton ends up scolding a couple of other students for minor infractions (Billy for talking [trying to get him to lighten up- possibly as a former know-it-all himself] and another guy for slouching), leading the teacher to kick him out to the principal’s office for being disruptive.

I’m unsure if the show didn’t trust that the audience would recall Mister Kaplan being the principal, given his extended absence from the school, or if the screenwriters themselves had forgotten that detail while writing.

Rito wants a monster, his antics amusing Rita and Zedd.  Not knowing how to make one, Rito calls for Finster.  Upon arriving, the other villain refuses to serve Rito, as he’s loyal only to Zedd and Rita (well, clearly more Rita than Zedd but he’s smart enough to not say that out loud).  Rito grabs at the clay figure Finster had brought along, trying to make a monster of his own.


Rocky finds a frazzled Mister Wilton outside on a bench.  They commiserate over their rough days.


Goldar, Zedd, and Rita are all annoyed by Rito.  However, Goldar does end up guiding Rito into sending the Tengas after the isolated Rocky.  However, Rocky leaves for the Youth Center moments beforehand, leading the minions to attack Mister Wilton instead.

As he rushes back, having heard the racket, Rocky contacts Zordon via communicator.  In ninja mode, he leaps in front to attack the minions, but Mister Wilton remains captive.

Aisha’s in jean overalls (I’m not sure if they’re shorts or just rolled up).  Anyway, she and the other guys are worried when the message gets passed on to them while they’re still at Angel Grove High.  Billy is the one to suggest that Tommy should contact Kimberly.  It’s little moments like these that make it hard for me to keep on my platonic goggles- yes, this sort of thing could have been done by another Ranger or Tommy himself could have said a thing before alerting him.  However, the actual episode didn’t do that, instead having Billy speak up as the one to first remember their absent teammate.

Kimberly is at the Youth Center, doing her gymnastics training.  She ducks into the adjacent locker room to transform/teleport.  The quintet goes into ninja mode (five circles on a screen seen).  His teammates come to Rocky’s aid.  The Tenga song plays as the Rangers fight the minions.

It looks like Rocky has super speed too.  Tommy also fights alone, with Adam and Billy as a pair as well as the two girls.  Rito arrives, wanting to destroy the team.  I’m not sure how the Rangers recognize the staff as Lord Zedd’s, as I can’t think of when they might have seen him with it.

The Tengas are holding back Mister Wilton.  Rito accidentally turns the science teacher into Marvo the Meanie.  Rocky has a plan.  The teens morph, each getting a screen to themselves.  However, Rocky’s effort fails.  Kim and Tommy try to hold down Marvo, the latter unnecessarily reminding her about his real identity.  Mister Wilton’s face is briefly seen superimposed onto the monster’s torso, pleading for help.

Billy and Aisha get turned into beakers containing a liquid that matches their Ranger color.  Tommy pushes Rocky out of the way of a blast, only to be transformed himself.  Adam and Kimberly are soon transformed as well.

Rito collects the five vials as an upset Rocky gets back up.  Rocky fights Rito to get back the vials, teleporting away once he does so.  This act upsets both Rito and Marvo.

Alpha scans the vials back in the Command Center, claiming that this is the “worst mess” yet and is generally very stressed out.  Rocky, his helmet off, is present.  Zordon warns him that the monster must be destroyed to save Mister Wilton but the other Rangers must be returned to normal first otherwise they’ll be trapped.  Rocky gets Alpha to calm down and they work together to figure out a way to restore the others in a brief montage.

After plenty of billowing white smoke (steam?), the morphed quintet is seen.  Rocky grabs his helmet and the team returns to the park.  They narrowly avoid a blast.  Rito quickly decides to cross the staffs and supersize the monster.  Tommy takes point in calling upon the Ninjazords, which arrive and turn into the Ninja Mega Falconzord.  Rocky quickly exits to do his own mini bipedal mode as he feels Mister Wilton is his responsibility, destroying the monster.

Back in the park, Mister Wilton does revert to normal.  The morphed Rangers arrive to check on him.

Rito begs before the scornful Zedd and Rita for a second chance.  She orders him to go clean Finster’s lab.  Zedd grouses to himself, “I still need a vacation.”

Back in the Gym and Juice Bar, Billy is safely breaking boards.  Still in a suit, Rocky has realized that teaching can be as hard as learning and studying.  To a group, Mister Wilton has recounted his tale of being rescued by the Rangers.  The teacher has gotten a reminder about how tough it can be as a teenager.

Bulk and Skull show up with the textbooks, upsetting Rocky greatly.  Mister Wilton reveals the truth and ends up breaking another board.  The duo is unnerved and the teacher is chilly.  Bulk and Skull anxiously retreat, while everybody else is more amused than anything else.

The scene playing alongside the credits is of Bulk and Skull on parking detail, trying to claim that an African-American driver parked illegally until they realize that he’s much taller than them and therefore quickly backtrack.  Frankly, I suspect that they were making stuff up regarding the parking regulations for the lot, or at least being a bit obsessive about it.


This was a fairly light episode, containing a reminder that teachers and students have it equally challenging.  There was basically nothing to analyze as everything was rather straightforward, even for this franchise.

Rocky got a bit of characterization- he’s not terribly skilled at science or public speaking.  Mister Wilton was the one-off character, never mentioned before and likely never to be mentioned again.  Neither Miss Appleby nor Mister Kaplan is as much as mentioned.  It’d make sense if the team has moved on to a different homeroom (?) than her class, but I’m less sure why Mister Kaplan wasn’t at least name-dropped, given how the principal as an entity was.

Kimberly was scarcely in this episode, which just highlights the upcoming pink power transfer.  Billy has officially become adept at martial arts, though.

Also, I’m starting to wonder why Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Aisha seem to be the only ones to wear overalls.  It can’t be a fashion thing, as Kimberly and Aisha are explicitly fashionable.  Does the wardrobe department inexplicably see them as feminine (which would open up a can of worms)?  I mean, I vaguely recall part of the Doylist reasoning for the overalls in season one for Billy was to hide that Yost was as fit as his fellow actors, but this is just odd.


Next time on Power Rangers: A monster turns people into footballs (no, really).


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