9-28: Dawn of Destiny

Ransik attacks Bio-Lab to obtain the serum.

Last time on Power Rangers: Frax betrayed Ransik while a mutant attacked Silver Hills’ civilians.


Turncoats and Trust

Frax is running through the woods, pursued by Ransik, some Cyclobots, and the mutant Severax.  I was right about that explosion not being big enough to have destroyed him- I surmise that Frax managed to teleport a short distance away.  Ransik is determined to catch the robot, finding a bit of Frax’s golden cape on a bush.  A pair of the Cyclobots does find the hidden Frax, but are easily convinced to cover for him.  Alex is watching this unfold on his hologram console.

Trip has found a Polaroid camera, referring to it as an “antique” to Wes’ amusement (and mine, for a different reason), leading to most of the team taking various silly photos while Jen tries to work.  Wes even kisses Jen’s cheek right before Jen explains what she’s doing.  It turns out that the brunette is afraid that the timeline will be altered, as the serum wasn’t supposed to have been invented for another two hundred years.  Wes offers to go get it back from Bio-Lab.  He clearly hasn’t thought this plan through- even if he does get the serum itself back, it’s probable that a copy of the serum’s components exists in the computer system somewhere.


In his office, Mister Collins has a meeting with two businessmen, possibly underlings.  The serum has boosted profits.  When possible expansion of the Silver Guardians is brought up, Mister Collins puts Eric in charge of any such decisions as he trusts the younger man.  Once he has left, one of the businessmen notes to Eric that he’s become Mister Collins’ “right-hand man”.  Although pleased by this, Eric claims he’s “just doing his job”.

Wes sneaks into a lab to get the case of serum, only to be caught by Eric.  The blond explains his concern about how the serum’s existence could alter the timeline.  Mister Collins shows up, and Wes can’t/won’t tell his dad about why he needs it back so Mister Collins doesn’t understand the severity of the situation.  Therefore, he opts to retain the serum, apologizing to Wes as he notes that the serum has “tremendous potential”.  Eric puts it in the lab’s freezer to keep it safer.

Nadira reports to her dad when he and the others return.  Ransik is upset and afraid for his life, particularly given how both unpredictable and frequent the ‘attacks’ can be.  The pink-haired woman points out that Bio-Lab made some serum, so not all of it is gone (just the vials Frax destroyed).

“Bio-Lab,” echoes Ransik.  He proudly tells his daughter, “You are a genius, my sweet.”

She’s both pleased and flattered that she’s able to help out her dad.

Wes returns to the clock tower, thinking that Mister Collins retained the serum out of financial concerns.  I’m not so sure- Mister Collins didn’t seem that enthused by the mention of profit-boosting earlier, and that “tremendous potential” could refer to helping others.  Also, I’m willing to bet that even if it’s not Ranger-quality, that the Silver Guardians’ weaponry is expensive.  Not all heroes can get stuff from an ancient floating alien head, after all.  Just because Mister Collins is being pragmatic doesn’t make him villainous.  In any case, Jen is afraid what will be done with the serum… which is confusing, as it seems to act as a cure.  Does it have other, less benign capabilities?  It’d help if it had a name beyond ‘the serum’ for clarification in some area- what it’s made for, its purpose, etc.

Frax and some Cyclobots are setting up in a warehouse, working on a giant robot that Frax wants to use to “crush the city”.  Alex is still spying on Frax as “warning” in red letters flashes on his screen.

Blasting Bio-Lab

Severax and other Cyclobots attack the Bio-Lab building, and there’s a few clips of obvious Super Sentai footage.  Eric gets alerted by a minion.  Evidently Silver Guardians has expanded to the point that there are squadrons.  Eric tells the other Guardian to get Mister Collins to safety.

As the attack progresses, Ransik arrives.  In a stairwell, an unmorphed Eric fights some minions.  The other Silver Guardians fare worse against the villains, especially Ransik.  A few Cyclobots find two Guardians and Mister Collins in a hallway.  Ransik demands the serum from a scared scientist; he finds others to ‘question’, one of whom blabs that the serum is in the freezer.

Ransik starts to weaken from pain (and I did spot a mark on his neck, though that could be retconning) as the scientists flee.  More metallic protrusions emerge on his arms and then on his face as he struggles to the freezer.  Reaching it, he gets out the case.  Mister Collins arrives in time to see him drink a vial and return to normal.  Briefly some green marks are seen on him, but I half-suspect that’s left over from having to do the special effects.

Starting to leave with the case, Ransik sees the man and tells him to get out of his way.

“I know who you are,” states Mister Collins.  “You’re trying to destroy my son, and if I had known that serum would help you, I would have poured it down the drain myself.”

Ransik is scornful towards Mister Collins, particularly his treatment of his son (I’m a bit baffled how he knows about that, but maybe he did holo-research or something).  Mister Collins counters that he’s proud that his son chose to plan out his own life instead of sticking to the plan he made for Wes.

Fed up, Ransik blasts back Mister Collins.  I think a nearby wounded scientist witnessed things.  In any case, Mister Collins is clearly badly hurt, although as a G-rated show not much blood is seen.

Emerging from the building, Ransik reports to Severax that he got the serum.  Eric spots the villain and therefore morphs to try stopping him.  A fight breaks out, but Eric soon ends up demorphed to Ransik’s amusement.  The villain is gone by the time the five other Rangers arrive on their Vector Cycles.  Eric and the Silver Guardians are on edge as they near various Cyclobot limbs.  The unconscious Mister Collins is being taken into an ambulance.  Eric goes to assist, opting to go along for the ride.


Severax and the surviving Cyclobots are trashing a nearby part of Silver Hills.  The Rangers use their Chrono Sabers on the minions.  Katie tries to arrest the mutant to no avail.  Jen uses her V5; Trip fights some minions; Wes uses the Electro Booster.  However, there are still a lot of minions.  I suppose Ransik wanted to be absolutely sure of victory, particularly as he was going to an enemy stronghold.

Katie fights Severax, her determination and strength showcased.  Lucas shows up to help her out.  It looks like they have a variant of super speed called “double time”, which they use to batter Severax.  When Katie holds up her badge in another effort to arrest him, Severax exposes his mutant DNA to supersize.

The other Rangers show up.  Wes attempts to blast the giant mutant with the Electro Booster.  Obviously, this is a failure as I doubt it was designed for usage on monsters that size.  Katie contacts Circuit for help.

The Time Fliers travel through the wormhole to 2001 and Katie has the Time Force Megazord formed in mode blue.  Alex sends the Shadow Winger.  As it arrives via eclipse, Alex puts on his white Time Force uniform.  The Time Shadow is formed as the city is now dark.  The two Zords batter Severax, well, it’s largely the Time Shadow being tricky by traveling via wormholes.

The group has reached the hospital and are taking Mister Collins to the ER.  Eric has to stay put; he’s obviously upset by his boss’s injuries.

The two Zords are merged into the Shadow Force Megazord.  Severax is arrogant, but soon the Shadow Force Saber uses “Blizzard Slash”.  Wes, Katie, and Lucas take point in the ‘commentary’ as the battle wraps up with the Rangers’ victory.  There’s an explosion and Severax ends up in action figure mode.

Frax and his Cyclobots continue work on the massive robot.  Certain that Ransik will soon be out of the picture, Frax is sure that his creation will be victorious.

Trip contains the mutant down on the street level.  Most of the team is thrilled, but Trip realizes Jen is worried about how Ransik must be captured before the timeline is altered.

Out of the mist, Alex arrives to claim that history is already changing and he’s here “to put it back on track”.  I have no clue why Jen hasn’t already punched him due to not having alerted her to his continued existence before.  Well, besides the fact that she’s clearly in disbelieving shock.


Mister Collins got a heroic moment in confronting Ransik… I suspect that he’ll assume that Wes was afraid of something like this happening and that’s why he wanted the serum back.  Wes probably won’t be happy to learn of his father’s injuries, although he’ll also doubt if his dad would want him to visit him.  Because the Collins men have a frayed relationship.  It’s rather sad how Mister Collins is clearly proud of his son, Wes has grown almost overly disillusioned with his father.    Like his son, Mister Collins does wear some red, just in a darker hue.  Also, Ransik’s good relationship with his daughter was alluded to contrast with the Collins’ dysfunctional one.

I don’t think Wes is very good at being both idealistic and capable of seeing shades of grey, instead seeing things in black and white.  The same goes for his teammates (sans Eric).  In contrast, Casey will be unable to see Jarrod as purely bad like Mao and his teammates and therefore be able to redeem Jarrod.  Out of the Power Rangers franchise, another example of an idealistic yet able to see shades of grey character would be Luke Skywalker.  I’m just saying that being idealistic and being simplistic in morality don’t have to go hand-in-hand.

It is impressive how Jason Faunt can bring the warm charm to Wes yet also be icily professional as Alex.  This doesn’t change the fact that Alex is a jerk.  Not telling your fiancée that you survived an attempt on your life for months is simply cruel.  Unless there’s an element of ‘Narnia Time’ in how 3000 is interacting with 2001?  That’d be interesting, but not much of a justification.

Eric seems to have become Mister Collins’ right-hand man off-camera.  Furthermore, he has grown comfortable in leading the Silver Guardians.  I kind of wish that more of them had been seen outside of being mooks on the heroes’ side (sort of, in the Rangers’ eyes, and definitely in mine).  I suspect that Eric sees Mister Collins as a father figure.  If that makes Wes the ‘prodigal son’, that’d explain a lot about their interactions, to be honest.

Frax has struck out on his own to take over the city (and then the world?) for robotkind.


Next time on Power Rangers: Alex takes over leadership of the team.


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