3-12: Stop the Hate Master, Part 1

The titular monster uses his powers to turn the Rangers against one another.

Last time on Power Rangers: Centiback turned most of the team into footballs.


Unfounded Rejection

In the Angel Grove High hallway (as the show only ever uses the one), Kimberly and Aisha check a list up on a wall to see if they got into the “Angel Grove Girls’ Club”.  While Kimberly did, Aisha did not.  When Kimberly goes to the club’s leader, Veronica, to see why Aisha didn’t get in, the other girl claims that Aisha lacked the “right qualifications”.

Kimberly later finds Aisha exercising in the Youth Center.  Aisha is certain that Veronica hates her.  Reassuring her that couldn’t be the case, Kim promises to find out Aisha didn’t get in and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Up in the moon fortress, Zedd exposits his latest scheme to Rita- to use a “hate master” to make the Rangers destroy themselves.

The four guys are cleaning up graffiti at the outdoor café under Ernie’s supervision.  None of them know who’s been doing this.  Bulk is lurking near where they are, while Skull is under a table indoors.  The duo is trying to discover who the “graffiti bandit” is.

Going by the fact that Kimberly is in a different outfit, this must be the next day.  Veronica explains to Kimberly that Aisha’s parents simply didn’t make enough money to qualify her daughter for the club.  When the brunette tries to counter that neither do hers, it’s explained that Kim got in because her own mother did.  Offended by all of this, Kimberly decides to leave the club.  Poor Skull has gotten his fingers stomped on and is still in pain when Bulk finds him.  Bulk accidentally stomps on his fingers some more (ouch).

Finster is a bit snarky as he hands over the seeds of evil to be thrown onto Earth by Lord Zedd.  Rito and Goldar are similarly snarky, upsetting Rita and Zedd before they refocus to do the incantation.  Hate Master materializes on Earth and starts to poorly rap.


Aisha is baffled by the explanation Kimberly gave her about the club’s rejection; as seen in the above screen-cap, she’s now in white overalls.  The other girl recalls that her grandmother is coming to visit so she wants to spend time with her (without Kimberly, evidently).  After they hug, Aisha leaves just as the four guys show up.  The group decides to head off together.

Zedd and Rita are happily plotting together.

Getting the Dirt

As the quintet walks in a field, a group of cawing Tengas arrives.  Going into ninja mode, the Rangers fight them as the Tenga song plays.  Evidently Billy can teleport (?).  He and Adam hide underground to surprise attack some of the minions.  Kimberly gets picked up by a group of Tengas, so she calls out for Tommy.  For whatever reason, the Tengas toss her to him- possibly not expecting him to actually catch her.  They then team up to use “Solar Laser Power” on them.

I’m going to count this as the first ‘real’ rescue of Kimberly by Tommy.  Thankfully it’s rather late in Kimberly’s tenure as the Pink Ranger, but I have a bad feeling the show will be increasingly dependent on it until her departure.

Aisha, in her house, hugs her grandma.  They talk things out, as the grandmother brings up the good point that Aisha shouldn’t want to be friends with such judgmental people.  While acknowledging this is true, Aisha can’t help but be a bit hurt.  The grandmother gives her a family heirloom in the form of a necklace before they hug again.

Squatt shows up to vacuum up some dust as the battle goes on, then leaving.  Tommy is under the impression this is just because he’s a coward.  The Tengas teleport away to Tommy’s confusion, so he wants to contact Zordon.  As the teens go back to normal, they see the Hate Master.  Squatt hands over the gathered dust so that the monster can cast his spell on the group.

Alpha and Zordon are freaking out over the evil magic removing the good from the teens.  In terms of clustering, as the reddish magic is over them, Tommy is by himself, Rocky and Adam are near each other, and Billy and Kimberly are near each other.  As the spell takes hold on them, Zedd and Rita have the Hate Master supersize.

Zordon recollects that Aisha is okay.  Her communicator beeps as she looks through a photo album with her grandmother.  Fudging the truth, Aisha soon contacts Zordon, who reports on the situation.  Wanting to fix things between her friends, Aisha teleports to where they are.

Remarkably, she does manage to get through to them.  They all morph, with their own individual screens.  As the theme song plays, the Ninjazords show up.  Zedd and Rita are upset, but Zedd tries to convince himself that another dose will affect the team more.

More hate magic is used on the team to Aisha’s panic.  They all end up back in the park, demorphed.  She does manage to get them to head towards the Command Center… but they go along with it mostly because they’re angry at Zordon.

Once there, they express their upset over having to fight Zordon’s battles for him.  On the one hand, there’s not really a way for Zordon to join the fights personally.  On the other, I can see where the frequent battles against evil would be draining on teenagers, especially as they try to keep their heroic activities secret from their families.  It’d be interesting if it turned out that Hate Master’s magic only magnified their negative emotions, like the spell in “Bloom of Doom”.

Alpha is upset but the five teens toss down their communicators and use a console to teleport away.  Aisha is confused why she’s unaffected by the monster’s spell.  The trio hopes that if they can find that out, then maybe they can permanently cure the others.  Zordon expresses his fear that the others will end up turning their powers on each other.

The credits bit is Rito being silly with the telescope.


I’m not quite sure yet what the Angel Grove Girls’ Club subplot has to do with the main plot.  Possibly the plots will be better integrated in the latter half.  Overall, there’s not much to analyze- when unaffected by dark magic, the teens are helpful and friendly.  The show has officially succumbed to having Tommy rescue Kimberly.

Aisha’s emotions are understandable, but we don’t learn much about her personally.  I am curious just how wealthy Veronica and the other club members are, given how comfortably Aisha lives.  I half-suspect they cast an African-American to play Veronica just to avoid unfortunate implications about the ‘real’ reason Aisha got rejected.


Next time on Power Rangers: Aisha finds a way to undo the spell permanently.


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