3-13: Stop the Hate Master, Part 2

Aisha and Alpha 5 find a way to undo the titular monster’s magic.

Last time on Power Rangers: The Hate Master cast his spell upon most of the team.


Jamming the Connections

In the Command Center, Alpha is scanning Aisha to find out why she’s been immune to the hate dust while Zordon exposits on the current situation in lieu of a ‘previously on’ segment.  Alpha thinks it’s due to the necklace she’s been wearing since her grandmother gave it to her, as it’s emitting powerful energies based off of love, caring, and generosity.  Suddenly, Zordon fades away and the systems go down.

Billy has created a gizmo to shut down the base.  He and Kimberly start to squabble- she thinks he’s a geek while he wants her to go get lost in a mall.  Tommy rather approves of there being no more Zordon.  Adam and Rocky are prickly.  The blond continues to fiddle with his gadgets.

Lord Zedd is pleased by the increasing mayhem.  Rita expresses concern about Aisha, but her husband is flippantly certain the Yellow Ranger will be no trouble, leading her to cackle.

A stressed-out Alpha is aware that Billy has the technical know-how to do this.  Expositing a bit more, both he and Aisha are frazzled.

Disguised as French waiters, Bulk and Skull are trying to find the graffiti bandit at the outdoor café.  They are awful at it, particularly to one female customer.

Lord Zedd and Goldar are pleased.  Rita wants a proper honeymoon, as apparently their first one involved Goldar tagging along.  Considering Rita’s original motives for the wedding, that might have been a good thing.  When Rita stays grumpy, Lord Zedd decides to poison the whole world with hate.  Starting with Angel Grove, of course.

The Hate Master teleports into the park and raps some more.  Bulk and Skull are walking along nearby, still in their disguises even though they got fired- not least because that female customer was the governor’s wife.  Doing his magic upon the duo, the Hate Master teleports away.  Initially dazed, Bulk and Skull soon start bickering.


Staring at the blank viewing globe, Aisha is upset.  Alpha is upset at Lord Zedd, but tries to back down from hating him as the robot suspects that’s what Lord Zedd wants.  Getting an idea from Alpha’s comments, Aisha points out that he can use himself to power up the systems just enough to teleport her out.  I’m not sure why she’s not just walking out, unless the doors and such are also electronically powered.

Adam aggressively gets another guy to leave so that he can train on a mat.  Tommy shows up to try getting that spot for himself.  Rocky, Kimberly, and Billy are watching on with amusement, although both Kimberly and Billy smack away Rocky’s hands when he tries to sling them over their shoulders.

Love Over Hate

Alpha has figured out that the others are at the Juice Bar but lacks the power to teleport her there.  However, he can teleport her to the park.  Okay, just how far away is the park in comparison to the Juice Bar?  It can’t be more than a few miles give how frequently characters travel between the two locations.  It’s times like these that I wish there was a Ranger-verse atlas.

Aisha hands over her necklace to Alpha as he’ll need it to find a way to counter Hate Master’s magic.  They shake hands before he powers up the systems just enough to teleport Aisha to the park.  As she runs, up in the moon fortress Zedd gives orders to the Tengas to get the dirt she fights on.

When the minions show up, Aisha goes into ninja mode and fights them as the Tenga theme song plays.  Two of them get the dirt- one by a broom and the other by a handheld vacuum.  As soon as the duo teleports away, the rest of the Tengas fly away.  Aisha goes back to normal, but then the Hate Master shows up to rap more as the Tengas hand over the dirt.  When he casts his spell over her, Aisha tries to fight it off.

Zedd and Rita are very pleased with themselves.  They want to take over Earth.

Aisha continues to struggle against the hate magic.  There’s a flashback to what her grandmother told her in the previous episode, enabling her to break free of the spell.  The Hate Master has to leave to ‘recharge’ as a result.

Rita promptly grouses at Lord Zedd.

Tommy and Adam are circling each other in preparation of a fight when Aisha arrives to intervene and give a speech about love and friendship to her teammates.  Somehow this cures them and Billy dazedly hands over his gizmo for Aisha to turn off.

Everything lights up at the Command Center and Zordon returns.  Alpha starts work on a “positive energy beam” to further fix things.

Rita and Zedd complain before crossing their staffs to supersize the still rapping Hate Master.

Zordon warns Alpha that the other Rangers are only partially cured so the robot keeps working on the device.

Aisha keeps talking to her friends while Bulk and Skull squabble at a table.  Suddenly Alpha must have activated his device, as the hate spell gets broken over everybody.  The Rangers are still confused so Aisha clarifies things.  Bulk and Skull tell each other that they love each other.  I think it’s in a fraternal way.

Ducking into the locker room, the team gets Zordon’s message.  Everybody morphs, their screens seen in this order: Tommy, Adam, Kimberly, Billy, Aisha, and Rocky.  They then call upon their Ninjazords.  As they each go into their cockpit, five of them go “[Animal] Ninjazord, Power Up!”  The exception is Tommy, who goes “Falconzord, Power Up!”

The Hate Master is gloating already, upsetting Tommy.  Adam points out that he has “frog power”.  A bunch of mini Frog Zords come out of his, hopping onto the Hate Master.  Then it turns out that the Frog Ninjazord can breathe fire.  Frogs are amphibians!  They’re usually associated with water.  Unless this is a Super Sentai thing?

Out of nowhere, Titanus shows up to blast at the monster too.  Rocky’s Zord attacks next.  Tommy fires at the Hate Master.  Both Billy’s and Aisha’s Zords have eye laser blasts.  Kimberly’s Zord fires on the monster to get in the finishing blow, as the Hate Master then explodes to the approval of Titanus and Aisha.

Rita and Zedd yell at each other.  Falling to the floor, Zedd throws a tantrum.

The teens are at a table in the Youth Center.  It turns out that Veronica was the only classist in the club and has been kicked out herself after the investigation.  Aisha and Kimberly decide to join the club now that they both can.

Bulk and Skull have gotten behind the counter.  Ernie is unimpressed by their antics.  The duo found a spray paint canister and are ready to ID the graffiti bandit.  The prints on it turn out to be Skull’s.  Evidently he’s been sleepwalking.  Ernie wants them to clean up the mess.

The team is amused by this turn of events.  Adam tries to apologize but Tommy is fine with it, given the whole ‘under a spell’ thing.  I haven’t really kept track, but Tommy (and his clone once) keeps getting put under evil spells.  I think he’s in need of a psych evaluation by this point even if there’s never been any long-term damage.

Kimberly is a bit awkward and Billy is reassuring.  The team agrees to be friends forever and they all put their hands togethers in the table’s center.


I have three issues with this episode.  One, it’s frustrating how the Rangers cannot have any issues in their lives by this point.  Why not have that club be classist and have a moral about true friendship?  It’s mostly the script giving the Rangers all the cake they’d ever want.  And it’s unrealistic- there are judgmental teens out there.  A story on what to do when confronted with such people would have been nice.

Two, the credits bit has Bulk and Skull backtracking their emotional moment by acting ‘manly’ before cutting them being silly in the park.  On the one hand, I can buy that they’d be influenced by ideas of traditional masculinity and wouldn’t want to be ‘wimpy’ (i.e., emotional).  On the other hand, I half-suspect this wasn’t a throw-it-in by the actors, but something in the script that got cut for time, given what happened behind the scenes with David Yost.

Three, given the ‘hate versus love’ moral, why wasn’t there a scene between Kimberly and Tommy as they’re dating?  Tommy butted heads with Adam, Rocky got rebuffed by Kim and Billy, Tommy halfway approved of Billy’s sabotage, and Billy and Kimberly snapped at each other.  Look, I get the probable Doylist reasoning of not being able to show all the damage done to the friendships… but this is a big one, especially as the show did the ‘rescue’ trope just last time.  Maybe I missed a line from one or both of them about how they never should have started dating since the other is a loser?

Also, Titanus showed up out of nowhere with no explanation with where it (he?) has been.  And the rules regarding Hate Master’s magic were confusing- though maybe it was more that Zordon and Alpha lacked the knowledge on how said magic worked so it was an in-universe confusion.

It would have been interesting if the Hate Master’s spell had just magnified the victims’ negative emotions.  Maybe the teens do get stressed out by Zordon calling them away from their normal lives to fight evil- they usually know it’s not his fault, but they can’t really take it out on Rita or Zedd.  Billy gets frustrated by Kimberly’s ‘ditzy Valley Girl’ act at times, while she gets annoyed by his tendency to restrict himself as the ‘smart guy’.  And maybe both of them occasionally are upset about how Jason, Trini, and Zack got replaced, despite knowing there was no other way.  Meanwhile, Tommy and Adam both want to prove themselves as great martial artists.   If that was the intended implication, it got lost in the shuffle.

Yeah, this was lackluster to me.  Hopefully the next episode will be better.


Next time on Power Rangers: Rita releases the Face Stealer.


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