9-30: Destiny Defeated

Wes decides to choose his own path (again).

Last time on Power Rangers: Alex showed up to boss around the quartet.


Differing Standards

It’s evening and in the clock tower, Alex is scornful of the team’s scanning systems and calls Circuit “useless”.  Jen explains that most of their equipment was damaged during the crash… something Alex and the rest of Time Force should have already known.  Alex remains miffed.  Lucas is upset and Katie can’t calm him down as she also dislikes this situation.

Frax and some Cyclobots are upgrading Dragontron in the warehouse.

Wes wakes up in his dad’s hospital room.  As he miserably goes to watch the sunrise, Alex’s voiceover is heard again.  Looking back at his dad, Wes is clearly despairing.  It’s not stated, but despite their differences, Wes still loves his dad.

After the credits, the camera focuses on the birds in a cage.  Eric, wearing a leather jacket over his non-red clothes, is carrying the cage and a duffel bag down the sidewalk.  Alice comes over to ask where they’re going.  Apparently, Eric is leaving.  He’s friendly towards Alice and hands over the cage for her to take care of the birds.  She gives him a hug.  Unused to friendly interaction, Eric still hugs her back.  A taxi shows up and after patting the side of Alice’s head, Eric gets in.  She waves goodbye and he does look back at her.  He’s a bit mopey but I’m sure he’s secretly pleased that somebody cared about him leaving.

Circuit alerts the five time-travelers that Dragontron has returned so they leave.  They show up in Silver Hills, already morphed.  The Time Shadow and Time Force Megazord (in mode blue) are formed to fight the massive robot.

Doctor Zaskin shows up at the hospital room; both men are upset over Mister Collins’ injuries.  I missed that he was the scientist who was present but hurt during Mister Collins’ confrontation with Ransik.  This enables Doctor Zaskin to lay out some truths to Wes about his dad’s sentiments towards him.  There’s a flashback to stress this.  The doctor is reassuring towards the younger man, who’s baffled by the notion of his dad being proud of him.  Yeah… I think Mister Collins did his best, but evidently he could have been a more supportive parent.

Frax is watching as Dragontron does an energy siphon on the Megazords.  Alex is incredulous about this while Frax and the Cyclobots have a plan.  Jen tries to offer up a plan but Alex flat-out tells her that he does the thinking.  Yikes.  Look, I did have a minor issue with Joel getting shut down back in “Lightspeed Teamwork”, but here the show is doing a reversal of that regarding who’s in the right- at least on the surface.  Both Angela and Jen are the ones with the more practical experience regarding Zords, while Joel and Alex think their ideas are the best simply because they’re the ones who had them.  It’s definitely amusing that both pairs’ names start with A and J.

The quintet ends up leaving the cockpit to fight the minions.

Wes, in a limo with some businessmen, sees the clock tower.  He has a flashback to having fun with his teammates and ends up leaving the vehicle for a ‘walk’.

Four of the Rangers want to take in Frax, but Alex has a different plan.  The intrateam pause enables Frax to demorph most of the team as well as attack the “stupid bird”.  Er.  Circuit is a fellow robot- does Frax see Circuit as a traitor to robotkind for working with humans or something?

The Real Deal

Arriving in the clock tower, Wes calls out for the others, soon finding Trip’s hat and the photos.  A damaged Circuit returns to Wes’ worry.  Catching the robotic owl, Wes tries to get answers but Circuit soon powers down.  Hearing in his head what Alex and the businessmen have told him, Wes kneels down and covers his ears.

Wes sees the scattered photos and somehow hears what Mister Collins told Ransik… did Doctor Zaskin directly quote him to Wes and Wes knows what his dad sounds like?  That’s the only Watsonian reason I can come up with.  Deciding to choose his own destiny, Wes runs off.

Frax is blasting at the quartet.  Alex is more annoyed with his teammates than the evil robot in a case of skewed priorities.  When he accuses them of not caring about the future, Lucas gets up to his feet to accuse Alex of that.  Trip concurs with his teammate, as does Katie.  Jen won’t or can’t argue with them.  Frax mocks them but then Wes tackles the gold robot.

“Everyone chooses their own destiny, and I choose to help my friends,” he declares.  Lucas, Trip, Katie, and Jen are all pleased by this turn of events… Alex is not.  Wes runs towards the device as Frax shoots at him.  Cyclobots hold back the others.

Wes destroys the device, restoring the Megazords to normal.  Jen goes “please” at Alex, so he hands over the morpher to her.  By which I mean he actually hands it over, unlike what he did to Wes.  Jen tosses the morpher over to Wes.  Alex does a single nod at his doppelganger.  Frax teleports away.

The quintet morphs and Jen is more trusting of Wes’ plans.  I suspect this is for two reasons: one, he is less arrogant and two, he has recent experience fighting robots and mutants in this new setting.  Both are traits Alex lacks.

Mister Collins is in a lot of pain in the hospital room.  A nurse finds him as he flatlines- she darts off, calling for the doctors.  Arriving in a white lab coat, Alex puts a gizmo in Mister Collins’ palm which somehow heals him.  Blurrily the reviving Mister Collins sees Alex.  He’s happy and on the way to recovery by the time a team of doctors shows up.

From in the taxi, Eric spots the titanic battle going on and decides to get out.  He soon arrives, already morphed, to call upon the Q-Rex.  Wes states to his teammates that he has a “crazy idea”.  Trip is curious.  Katie trusts him and Trip agrees- as do Lucas and Jen.  Wes’ out-of-the-box thinking works to batter the Dragontron.

The quintet cheers.  The Time Fliers go through the wormhole and Wes dashes off immediately afterwards.  Showing up in a Silver Guardians vehicle, Eric tells Wes to get in.  Neither man is morphed at this point.  Clearly, he does care about the Collins’ family drama.

Running through the hospital halls, Wes reaches the room… and it’s empty.  He’s about to have a messy breakdown while kneeling over the bed when Mister Collins shows up in a wheelchair.  Recounting what happened from his POV, it’s clear that Mister Collins thinks his recovery is due to willpower and recalling his son.  Although he clearly is putting the pieces together, Wes doesn’t say anything about that to his dad.

Mister Collins has accepted that Wes’ place is with the Rangers, not a businessman.  Ah, nothing like a near-death experience to mend a father-son estrangement.

On the beach, Alex apologizes to the quartet, who are back in their civilian disguises.  Alex shakes each of the trio’s hands.  They can be civil to him now that he’s leaving.  Jen is a little too trusting about his motives and they hug.


Wes shows up at a run to call out Alex for healing his father despite his earlier claims of ‘destiny’.  Alex states that Wes brought him around to the idea of making their own destiny.  They shake hands and Alex heads back to the time ship.

It takes off, the wind getting in the quintet’s faces a bit.  The time ship goes through a wormhole (time hole?), which then shrinks in on itself.  Jen’s mental monologue goes, “Goodbye, Alex.”


This was a solid episode about choosing your own path in life as well as trusting in and standing by your friends.  Mister Collins is openly proud of his son making his own choices (the fact that he’s saving the city on a near-weekly basis probably helps).  With any luck, Wes and Mister Collins will continue reconnecting.

I can get why Wes and the others wouldn’t make this connection, given their roller-coaster of emotions lately.  However, Alex’s statement just doesn’t make sense in the context of him wanting to get history back on track.  Mister Collins wouldn’t have been in danger if Ransik hadn’t traveled to the past.  I think that might be the source of the theory that Alex was merely testing the other Rangers’ commitment, rather than being a jerk.

What exactly was going on with Eric here?  Where did he plan on going?  Was he trying to quit before he got fired?  Did he not want to be working for Wes, particularly not after his attempt to get Wes and the others to work for him?  Is he moving back now- and how will Alice react?  Well, probably mostly relieved with a bit of annoyance that she didn’t get to keep the birds for long?  Eric’s little subplot is terribly vague on the details.

Obviously, the overall status quo has shifted a bit- Wes and his father might be reconciling and most of the team knows that Alex is alive.  Wait, does Eric ever learn about Alex?  I can’t quite recall, but I hope he does as that’d be amusing.  Alex makes Eric look positively warm and fuzzy in comparison.

On a final note, the split-screen effect for having both Alex and Wes at once is pretty good for 2001, particularly after this season’s earlier travesty regarding dinosaurs.


Next time on Power Rangers: Wes and Jen go undercover to learn what Frax is up to now.


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