3-15: The Potion Notion

Rito gets Miss Chief to use her love potion on Angel Grove residents.

Last time on Power Rangers: There was a face-stealing monster.


Can’t Help Falling in Love

In Angel Grove High, Bulk and Skull encounter Tommy and Kimberly, the latter wearing jean overalls.  The duo is selling tickets for the Junior Police Ball.  The brunette certainly wouldn’t mind going with her boyfriend.

Lord Zedd has charged up Serpentena to take Rita on a second honeymoon, putting Goldar in charge of ensuring that Finster finishes his latest monster.  Rito is miffed at being excluded, so Zedd tells him to stay out of trouble.

Rito is soon bugging Finster in his lab.  The flustered monster slips about there being a love potion (and claims that it was not used by Rita on Zedd).  When Finster briefly leaves, Rito seeks out the love potion and uses it on the monster to have her love him.  Rito has a plan for her to do.

There’s a bit of exposition on how the monster is actually invisible (just visible to viewers for clarity’s sake) in the halls of Angel Grove High.  She uses the love potion on Kimberly to have her fall for Skull and then causes Bulk to fall for Aisha.  Adam is relatively blasé about this occurrence.

Goldar whines about Rito while Baboo and Squatt lurk nearby.

The team meets up in the park, where Kimberly is all bubbly and giggly over Skull.  An unamused Billy suggests they should contact Zordon.  Before they can, however, Goldar and some Tengas show up.  The team goes into ninja mode, with Kimberly expressing her goal to protect Skull.  I’m kind of annoyed by the fact that the show is making a joke out of inverting the ‘damsel in distress’ trope.  At least SG-1 has been subtly playing that inversion straight for the first six seasons (compare the times when Sam leads the rescue for Jack to the opposite).

Tommy and Rocky team up to confront Goldar.  Billy and Kimberly are on a bridge, fighting Tengas as the minions’ theme song plays.  Aisha and Adam fight as a pair near a picnic shelter while Rocky and Tommy continue to fight Goldar.

In Serpentena’s cockpit, Rita and Zedd are happy together… until they realize that the energy levels are already running low.

Rito answers the ‘phone’ in the moon fortress.  Zedd wants to talk to Goldar, who Rito states isn’t present.  Apparently, Rito was supposed to recharge Serpentena but he forgot.  Rito lies that everything is fine.  Rita and Zedd are on their way back.

Goldar and the Tengas teleport away.


The show cuts to the team, in civilian garb, at the Command Center.  Alpha scans the love-struck Kimberly with a device that emits red waves at her.  The robot learns that Kimberly is under a love potion’s influence.  There’s the minor reveal that her middle name is Ann(e); I don’t trust the subtitles about how it’s spelled.  Miss Chief, the monster, is seen in the viewing globe.  Zordon is reluctant to mess with human emotions (furthermore, he hopes that the love potion will wear off over time) and is worried about the Rangers underestimating the monster.  The team teleports away.

Love is Strange

Goldar finds the panicking Rito, who admits what he did and slips about how there is a love potion which wasn’t used on Zedd.  Obviously, this fails to prevent Goldar from piecing together what happened.

Mister Kaplan gets mind-whammied to fall in love with Miss Appleby.

Up in the moon fortress, Finster has made the antidote for the love potion.  Goldar decides to test its effectiveness (and possibly check for side effects) on the humans.  Finster teleports into the hallway to shoo away Miss Chief back to the moon fortress.  Presumably, he’s invisible to the in-universe humans as well.

Miss Appleby is surprisingly okay with Kaplan and Stone squabbling over, particularly her initial negative reaction to Kaplan’s affection.  I don’t appreciate it, yet I can sort of see where she’d like having multiple suitors.  Finster uses the antidote on the two men, who revert to not knowing each other and amiably greet each other.  Miss Appleby is somewhat understandably frazzled by this sudden change in attitude.

Finster uses the antidote on Bulk next, Aisha taking advantage of her chance to get away.  Kimberly gets freaked out when the antidote is used on her.  Tommy is completely calm about the situation, due to his own past experiences with mind-altering magic.  Yeah, this is admittedly mild compared to what he’s undergone.

Finster rejoins his fellow villains in the moon fortress.  Rito manages to convince Miss Chief to use the love potion on Rita when she shows up so that she falls for Goldar to everyone’s amusement (Goldar isn’t pleased).  Finster sprays her with the antidote, wanting Goldar to owe him one.  Rita promptly blames Goldar for whatever just happened.

Zedd shows up to use Miss Chief on the Power Rangers.  Rito ducks to avoid being teleported with her (I think).

I’ll Never Fall in Love Again

The team is collectively relieved in a hallway.  Tommy gets contacted by Zordon about Miss Chief in the park, leading the brunet to refer her as a “stupid cupid”.  Morphing one by one, the team ends up in what looks more like a national park than the usual city park.  They all charge at her, but Miss Chief is a decent fighter.

When Tommy manages to get her weapon away from her, Zedd and Rita supersize Miss Chief.  Each Ranger calls out for their Zord by saying ‘Color Animal’.  The Zords arrive and the core five Zords merge together as the theme song plays.

Somehow the scenery changes to downtown.  The theme song plays as the battle occurs.  Tommy arrives late in his Zord to combine with the others.  After the Ape and Wolf double punch, Miss Chief explodes.

Rita complains, “Drat!  Another one bites the dust!”

… Is Rita a Queen fan?  That’d be hilarious, actually.

Goldar makes the reveal and Finster uses the antidote on Zedd… who remains firmly in love with Rita.  This leads Rito to comment that maybe their love is real as the wedded couple moves to snog each other.  Well, Zedd loves Rita for real, but I’m less sure about Rita’s feelings for Zedd.  She hasn’t been doing the disgusted asides for a while, so maybe she’s grown accustomed to his face, to misquote My Fair Lady.

The Gym and Juice Bar is dimly lit for the Junior Police Ball as a band with a female singer does a song.  Stone does ask Miss Appleby for a dance, pleasing her.  Tommy and Kimberly dance, while Billy asks Aisha to one.  Uh… I can only surmise this is a friendly gesture, given the very limited interaction the two of them have had since Aisha’s presence.  Bulk has found a young lady to dance with; Kaplan has someone else to dance with.  Rocky goes to ask a blonde to dance with.

Tommy remains very blasé about how Kimberly acted while under the love potion’s influence.  Kimberly, however, gets that doesn’t make up for what happened with Skull.  Adam heads over to share his celery with Tommy (no, really).  She heads over and suggests that they can be friends, pleasing him.  They go to dance to symbolize this, further underscoring that dancing isn’t innately romantic for this episode.

There’s a mini-montage as the song plays.

The end credits scene is a smitten Bulk with Aisha as Adam, Billy, and Skull watch on.  The last of them isn’t amused by what’s going on.


This was… an odd episode.  It’s confirmed that Zedd at least is genuinely in love with Rita, though I’m still unsure when the love potion’s influence ended and when it became real.  And even if Goldar had convinced his boss of the truth, I’m not quite sure if Zedd would care, given the villains’ tendency towards a ‘bad is good and good is bad’ mindset.  Finster is surprisingly sneaky and manipulative here, outside of that slip about the love potion- though it could be theorized that was deliberate to cause mischief while the bosses were away.  That’d explain the monster’s punny name- it was reflecting her creator’s current mindset.

On the one hand, I get that Tommy is an upstanding guy who understands all too well what happens when somebody is under a mind-altering magic.  On the other, it’s still odd that he didn’t seem jealous at all.  Now, I get the confusion.  But no jealousy whatsoever?  I think the show just accidentally foreshadowed that these two are just a light-hearted high school romance instead of a serious romance.

Look at how Jen reacted when Wes was flirted with in “Undercover Rangers”- and they’re not even dating.  Or how Joel reacted to Clark in “The Mega Mighty Battles” for a similar situation.  It’s either incredibly unrealistic for Tommy to be that blasé, not even having or acknowledging any irrational jealousy, or Tommy simply isn’t that into Kimberly.  Also, when I went to try for a screen-cap for the Command Center scene, I noticed that Tommy got a bit grabby in making Kimberly move, which might clarify further why I left the episode supporting their relationship even less than before.

I will say that Amy Jo Johnson’s lovesick performance was a brilliant combination of cute, funny, and over-the-top.  On a final note, I doubt any A Midsummer Night’s Dream parallels were conscious.


Next time on Power Rangers: Rita takes advantage of the new girl in town.  Déjà vu, anybody?


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