3-17: A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 2

Tommy must be rescued before he’s defeated by the villains.

Last time on Power Rangers: Aisha found and adopted a kitty, unaware of her true nature.


Torn Between Missions

In the Command Center, the rest of the team is worried about Rito nearing the city as well as how to find Tommy.  When the brunet loses consciousness, the viewing globe’s image is lost as well.  Billy tries to advise Alpha on what to do to no avail.

Kat teleports away to go to the moon fortress in cat-mode, where Rita cuddles her to Zedd’s annoyance.  Goldar wants to destroy the White Ranger.  Agreeing, Lord Zedd sends him off to teleport there.  Zedd then refocuses on wanting the cat to go.

Tommy ends up in a cavern-like space with columns and winged boar statue.  Goldar gloats at the unconscious Tommy instead of attacking him while he’s defenseless.  I suppose Goldar wants Tommy to know who defeated him?

The quintet is fretting over Tommy when Zordon warns them that Rito has reached the city’s outskirts.  Okay, is Rito even attacking Angel Grove, since why else wouldn’t the characters be mentioning it by name?  Billy concurs with Zordon so they morph and confront the massive Rito out in a grassy, hilly area.

… Uh, what happened to reaching the city’s outskirts?  Is there a park or nature reserve adjacent to it?

Rito leans down to try intimidating them.  Rocky takes point in calling on the Ninjazords, who do actually show up in the city, albeit in stock footage.  Suddenly Rito is also in the city as the Bear Zord stomps repeatedly, leading him to fall over.  The Frog Zord has fire breath… that ability still makes no sense to me.  The Ape Zords uses its sword against Rito.

Getting out his flamethrower, Rito uses it on the Ape Zord.  As “Go, Go Power Rangers” plays the Megazord is formed in battle mode.  Certain of victory, Rito fires at the charging Megazord.  The double punch soon takes place- one knocking the flamethrower out of Rito’s hand, the other sending Rito himself flying.  Rocky tells Rito to go back to the moon.

Which he does, annoying Rita and Zedd.  The former suggests a “Plan B”, pleasing her brother.  Zedd doesn’t want him involved, however.

Back in the Command Center, the teens and Alpha are worrying about Tommy.  Zordon acknowledges that Tommy’s location is being shielded from them.  Wait, couldn’t they just scan for places they can’t see then?  Unless this is ‘having to scan multiple dimensions’ matter.  That, and sometimes Zordon’s signals just don’t work, like in the mountains.

Splitting Up

Tommy finally wakes up, leading Goldar to cackle as the convertible disappears.  Getting to his feet, Tommy asks after Katherine.  A smallish Rita hologram shows up to gloat at the teen, taunting him about how ‘Kimmy’ would feel about him worrying over another girl.  Morphing, Tommy asks after Kat again.  Wanting to destroy the city, Rita’s hologram disappears.  Goldar is smug.


Billy has managed to get an image of Tommy in the viewing globe again, with Kimberly watching him to do the repairs at the console before they head over to look at the viewing globe with the others.  The team expresses concern about how the girl has disappeared.  The blond wants to go to his lab to find a way to break through the shield.  Adam is concerned for his friend and decides to go with Billy.

It’s Tommy versus Goldar in the cavern.  Up in the moon fortress, Rita is petting the cat.  Baboo and Squatt report to her about Billy and Adam leaving, making it a good time for Plan B.  Rita uses her staff to teleport the cat away.  In a field on Earth, the cat turns into a cat-monster.

Billy and Adam are walking along a street in the suburbs when they’re confronted by the monster.  Uh… why didn’t they just teleport straight to Billy’s garage lab?  Rangers have teleported to and from there in the past.  I don’t think the writers thought this through.  Adam and Billy morph, but the cat-monster is tough so the latter alerts Rocky.

Kimberly, Aisha, and Rocky morph and join the fray.  I’m surprised there aren’t any moving cars involved, as this fight is taking place on a street.  Well, they’re probably seeing the fight far enough in advance to turn around.  The cat-monster teleports away.  Billy and Adam continue on their way to the lab while the others head off… apparently to return to the Command Center on foot.  Is the teleportation technology still acting up after the “Stop the Hate Master” two-parter?

Rita yells at Rito, waking him up.  Zedd and Rita want him to get involved, the former trying to be hopeful that they’ll win for once.

Goldar is still fighting Tommy when Rito shows up, being his usual jokester self.  Tommy gets out Saba to wield against the villains.  Despite hating Tommy, Goldar still tries to sway Tommy to the side of evil for a bit.  When Saba ends up out of Tommy’s reach, Rito steps on Tommy’s arm to keep the teen from grabbing the sword back.

Billy and Adam are working in the lab, the latter wearing clear goggles on his forehead.

Tommy telekinetically gets his “buddy” Saba into his hand and gets free of the bad guys.  I think this is another hint that ‘buddy’ is short-hand for close friendship in this franchise.  I know that’s fairly obvious, but the term comes up oddly often.  Or maybe it’s just me.

Tommy Gets Rescued!

Having gotten the frequency, Billy and Adam teleport back to the Command Center.  Okay, clearly teleportation functions only as the plot requires it to.  Never mind my previous theorizing.  Kimberly tells Billy to hurry twice as the blond inserts a thing into a console and presses some buttons.  Adam expresses his worry over both Tommy and the girl.  However, Billy notes that he doesn’t see her anymore in the viewing globe.  Zordon and Kimberly worry for both of them.

Saba expresses his disappointment in himself for not helping Tommy out of this situation.  Tommy reassures his talking sword.  I’m glad that the show has remembered that Saba is a sentient weapon.

The quintet forms a circle and joins hands, causing Tommy to teleport away from the cavern to the annoyance of Goldar and bafflement of Rito.  When Tommy arrives in the Command Center, Kimberly gives him a hug.  Tommy is grateful towards Billy for devising the method to save him, but is worried for Katherine.  Billy has correctly deduced that Rita and Zedd must have her, but the team clearly doesn’t suspect just what is going on.

Rita has decided to blame Zedd for the plan’s failure.  Zedd just wants access to the cat.  The human Kat arrives, her eyes glow red and she goes into monster mode, pleasing both Rita and Zedd.

In the viewing globe, the team can see the cat-monster scaring civilians in the park.  Annoyed, they morph and go there.  Only banter has been exchanged when Rita and Zedd supersize the monster.  The five Zords charge at the cat-monster.  Ninjor arrives on his cloud.  A rock song plays as the Megazord is formed.  The giant-sized Ninjor soon goes into ‘battle mode’ as he fights the cat-monster.

Tommy has his Falconzord be added to the Megazord and he pops up in the central cockpit.  The two giant figures team up against the cat-monster, who soon seemingly explodes.  Ninjor gloats, “Oh yeah, we bad.”

… Oh good god.  Whoever is teaching Ninjor modern slang should stop immediately.

In civilian garb, the team has returned to the park and finds Kat there.  The blonde is feigning fear, leading Tommy to reassure her.

Zedd concedes “that adorable little Katherine” might be useful.  Huh, Katherine is so cute that it has to be remarked on multiple times in-universe.  It’s only not shilling because it’s clearly true: her accent and appearance are cute, and I’m sure her heroic personality will be as well.

The team is still reassuring Katherine back in the park, the blonde insisting that they can call her “Kat”.  She states that she has just moved here with her family due to her father’s transfer, soon leaving to ‘unpack’.  Tommy gets in a little more reassurance before that.

The teens like her and there’s a mention of her later being in school with them in the fall.  Wait, did we hit the summer vacation already?  Is that what’s happening?  Nothing happened in May of note?

Aisha and Kimberly find PC, the former scooping her up.  The team coos over the white cat as well.  For some reason, the cat’s eyes glow green.  All the other times, the magical hue associated with Kat (human and feline forms) was red.  Why green now?  Another hint that she’s under a spell, like Tommy the Green Ranger was originally?  Laziness from the effects team?

The end credits have Bulk and Skull in their crosswalk vests, searching for the “kitty” in the park, only to find the cat-monster so the duo falls over, screaming.


The fight scenes weren’t terribly interesting (except that Adam’s Frog Zord can breathe FIRE, I will never be over that).  However, the villains have a legitimatively subtle scheme going on.  The Rangers think they won, for valid reasons: Tommy has been rescued, Rito didn’t destroy the city, and the cat-monster apparently exploded.  However, Kat is under the villains’ control and is likely to be a useful double agent.

Although Rocky took point in calling for the Zords, it seems that Billy largely takes over as team leader when Tommy has been captured.  And interestingly, a case could be made that Adam is as least worried about Tommy as much as Kimberly.  I’m not sure if that’s a sign how much Adam cares or how Kimberly does in fact largely react to Tommy as a friend opposed to a boyfriend.

The timeline still makes no sense, in that it barely exists.  At least with SG-1, a fuzzy timeline makes sense given how I doubt most planets they go to have the same rotation and revolution schedule (although, obviously, all of them are in the Goldilocks range to host life).  And there’s enough solid world-building going on that I don’t mind a few details slipping by.  But this is just a mess.

I feel like it should be noted that Kat is already wearing pink, because this franchise is allergic to subtlety.  Also, now I’m wondering where Kat’s parents are in this mess.  Are they mind-whammied to not notice what’s going on with their daughter?  I can see Rita doing that.

Even at this point, it’s pretty clear that ‘new kids’ in this franchise are either going to be cursed into being trouble or will get roped into fighting evil.  That statement just grows truer as the seasons go on.


Next time on Power Rangers: Ninjor gets captured!


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