16-26: Don’t Blow That Dough

The villains enact their most terrible scheme yet- a clip show.

Last time on Power Rangers: RJ found a way to rescue his dad and the other two Masters.


Trapped in the TV

Fran is annoyed when a TV repairman shows up in the loft without RJ being there, but the guy puts her on pause via a magical remote.  Lily, Casey, Theo, and Dom show up in their JKP uniforms only to get beamed into a greenish cavern, suddenly in their Ranger uniforms.  They’re shackled to their podiums as the host shows up to introduce the titular game show.  The unseen audience boos at the Ranger quartet, while Monster Mayhem is the opposing team, made up of four previously defeated monsters.  Camille shows up in a very nice dress to act as hostess.

Buffalord correctly answers the first question- that Dai Shi was in a box for over ten thousand years.  There’s an extensive flashback to the two-part premiere.  Though there is one clip from “Sigh of the Tiger” where Casey is fighting Buffalord inserted in there.

Back in the cavern, Dom has been ‘canceled’ and gets dissolved.  In the loft, RJ shows up and absently greets Fran before realizing that she’s been ‘paused’.  Using the magical remote (the villains forgot it, apparently), he gets her back to normal.  The brunette is initially confused by things.  RJ and Fran see the trio on the screen.

Lily answers the next question about RJ’s first two weapon designs, leading to extended flashbacks to the creation of the Strike Rider Cruise and the Claw Cannon.  The unseen audience is upset and Camille does ‘cancel’ one of the monsters.

Theo excitedly tries to answer the next question, but Pangolin hits the button first.  However, the monster doesn’t know the three living Masters’ names to the hosts’ annoyance.  Putting him in a (small) ball-mode, Camille kicks Pangolin aside.  Theo lists the masters.  This leads to three extended flashbacks: one about Phant, one about Swoop, and one about Finn.

The hosts claim that Theo buzzed late, so he got a penalty.  The show leans on the fourth wall regarding commercial breaks before cutting back to Theo getting canceled by Camille to Lily’s worry.  Casey, however, can answer that the fourth Ranger was RJ.

Of course, this leads into another extended flashback… including a flashback within a flashback when RJ was explaining things to Fran.  Obviously, this sequence focuses on RJ’s werewolf phase and him becoming the Violet Ranger.

Changing the Channel

The bonus question is about where the other Masters live, and it’s in the Spirit World.  This leads into an extended flashback to the “Ghost of a Chance” two-parter.  The gong sounds, saving Buffalord.  There’s a mention of a Hawaii trip, the show’s wall-TV showing the image of a beach and Camille in a leaf skirt.  Due to Lily’s ‘impulse purchase’ of trying to get the prize, the blonde gets canceled.  Casey answers that the fifth Ranger was Dominic.  This leads into an extended flashback summarizing Dom’s mini-arc.


RJ is annoyed with the TV as he can’t find a way to get out his teammates.  Fran hands over Casey’s fallen morpher out of the four morphers on the floor, inadvertently inspiring him about how he could send something into the television.

Buffalord correctly answers that the crystal eyes revived the Phantom Beasts.  There’s a flashback of Jellica doing so, but then the sequence continues to showcase the recently concluded Spirit Ranger arc.  Just as the host and Camille are about to ‘cancel’ Casey, his morpher teleports into his hand.

Morphed, he uses the host’s remote to stop the bad guys.  Somehow this frees all four Rangers into the loft, although they’re still in their Ranger uniforms.  RJ and Fran do a sideway hug out of relief.

Later, Theo has set up a surprise for Lily.  When she removes the blind on the loft’s upper level, it turns out that he and the rest of the JKP crew have set up a Hawaii-themed party for her.  Theo tries to ask her out, but she’s too focused on getting down there to enjoy the party.  The poor guy is already losing hope that she could return his feelings.

Ruefully, he heads down to join his teammates, putting on a bluish Hawaiian shirt.  The team (and Fran) is having a great time.


This clip show episode isn’t as terrible as “Way Back When” for a couple of reasons.  For starters, this season in general is better.  For another, the TV show ‘set’ meant there was a new locale, instead of the team just standing around in their base.  Plus, there was minor character development in confirming that Theo has a crush on Lily, although the blonde is apparently oblivious to it.  Besides, Fran and RJ got two scenes together, which is always nice.  And Dom was barely in it.

I’m not quite sure what the villains’ scheme was here- maybe the cancellation would only take fully once all four Ranger contestants had been zapped?  Though I’m not sure why they did a game show setting, other than to ‘play’ with their prey.  Camille did take advantage of knowing where the Rangers’ base is to enact this plot, but I’m not sure her heart was in it, as it wasn’t very violent.  And where was Flit during this?  Stuck in Camille’s stomach, I suppose.

For whatever reason, this episode is titled “Don’t Blow That Bow” on the inside of the DVD cover.  It’s titled correctly in the DVD pamphlet, but the proofreader evidently missed the changes between Jerrod and Jarrod for his own bio and Camille’s.  I’m starting to wonder if there even was an editor.

I forgot to mention it in my previous review, but the credits have changed to include a few clips of the Spirit Rangers.


Next time on Power Rangers: Whiger goes after Casey.


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