20 Years Later

Hard to believe that it’s been twenty years since the premiere of “Children of the Gods”.

This is a special post, acknowledging such an important Stargate SG-1 milestone as the 20th anniversary of its pilot movie.  Originally, I intended to grouse about how it seemed like every other franchise was getting a reboot/sequel/something but I now know of the existence of the upcoming prequel Stargate Origins.  Okay, odds are that there’s a colon between the two words, but I’m not positive yet.

At this point, I can’t find much information on the series beyond these facts: its title, that it’ll star a young Catherine Langford (actress unknown), and it’s a prequel.  I’m a bit fuzzy on whether it’s a prequel to the movie or the TV series.  Probably the latter, that’s the richer grounds for plots: background on the System Lords, the Asgard, the Replicators, the Ancients, and so on.  Hopefully at least some of the old crew will get roped in to help out.

I wonder how much the series will take into account the events of “The Torment of Tantalus”, as that was the closest thing the series has had to a Catherine-centric episode so far.  I can’t help but hope that a younger Bra’tac will show up at some point, possibly even as a villain who hasn’t yet realized that Apophis is a false god so that the story of how Bra’tac realized that could be told, since the details of that revelation haven’t been told in canon either.

It’ll be interesting to see if this series shows more of how the System Lords ruled the galaxy prior to Ra’s death and their gradual downfall due to SG-1.  I wonder if this series will end up turning into a reboot of the franchise- not that I’d mind a lot.

I’m over halfway through SG-1 and nearing the addition of Atlantis.  Overall, I’m enjoying the series even more than I did when I was younger.  I think watching in order helps with that, as this is a heavily continuity-based franchise.  Which is one of the many reasons I love it so.

Other reasons include the stellar cast, the well-done usage of technobabble, the thoughtful takes on serious issues (pacifism versus violence, when and how to share advanced technology with less advanced cultures, respecting different cultures, etc.), justifying why there are humans throughout the galaxy, and gradually taking an international approach to matters instead of letting the USA handle everything.  And so far, it’s been fairly diverse in terms of gender and race for a show that started in the mid-90s.  Not perfect, but pretty good.

As I’m not anyway near done with even the original TV series, I can’t give a proper overview of the franchise.  Still, I can say it’s been an amazing ride so far and I’m eager to keep exploring this franchise.  Honestly, by the time I reach Atlantis, maybe there’ll be a way to obtain the new series that doesn’t involve buying cable or whatever they have planned.

I wonder if anybody from the previous series will somehow cameo- look, time travel does exist in this franchise, so it’s not impossible.  Catherine is trying to get back to Earth, but oops there’s a solar flare and she ends up in 2017 and we the viewers get to learn what the other characters have been up to for the past several years.  It’s a win-win situation, particularly as they can likely now predict solar flares as to send Catherine back to her own time by the episode’s end.  It’ll be Sam or Rodney (or both, both is good) who pulls that off.  Not to mention, maybe there can be a glimpse at a post-reveal Earth regarding the Stargate.

Of course, I’m also looking forward to seeing what the galaxy looked like before SG-1 started to kick over all the anthills.  I wonder if Catherine will encounter the Tok’ra.  Hmm.  Honestly, I do suspect this will be more of a reboot, because why would she not have brought this up at some point to at least the members of SG-1 to gently knock them down a peg regarding being the first to do stuff.  Maybe nobody else knew and she wanted to keep it a secret to avoid getting arrested…?  I suppose I’ll have to wait and see, but I am gleeful over the fact that the Stargate franchise is at last returning with new material.  Muhahahaha!

For a franchise that’s only twenty years old, it’s been doing pretty well for itself, don’t you agree?


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