P&P Mini-Series, Part 4

Lizzy reads Darcy’s letter and the two of them are grumpy… until they both end up at Pemberley.

Last time on Pride & Prejudice: Darcy’s proposal… did not go well.


This part largely focuses on Darcy’s flaws opposed to Lizzy’s.  Somewhat understandably, as Darcy’s are the more obvious.  But Lizzy did err in her confirmation bias and how she didn’t fully acknowledge how the rest of the family’s behavior could reflect on her and Jane.  Even Mister Bennet doesn’t see the issue therein.  I am a bit miffed that the mini-series didn’t include the bit where Darcy acknowledges that Lizzy knows Jane better and therefore he could have messed up in that regard.  I did enjoy largely seeing Darcy and Wickham’s backstory instead of reading about it in the past-tense via the letter.

Lydia continues to be Lydia.  She is admittedly silly, but she’s about sixteen and her flaws were encouraged by her mother without being checked by her father.  She might be old enough to know better, but none of her experiences have given her that knowledge.  Mary and Kitty aren’t much better in their own ways.

The Gardiners take Lizzy with them to Derbyshire, and ultimately to Pemberley.  Lizzy does appreciate the grounds and the house, though I do wish the script had kept in the line about how she couldn’t have invited her aunt and uncle if she had accepted Darcy’s proposal, since it highlights that she’s not that swayed by the awesomeness and how much her family matters to her (even if certain members can be silly).

Some of Darcy being upset over Lizzy’s rejection was seen, thanks to the camera’s perspective not being limited solely to Lizzy’s like the novel.  And in a larger change, there’s that famed wet shirt moment.  I wasn’t able to get a good screenshot for whatever reason, but it does happen here.  It was certainly far more risqué for an Austen hero than usual, particularly as this was the mid-90s.  No wonder it became a Moment for the fanbase.  Besides, it’s Colin Firth, enough said.

Overall, I’m still greatly enjoying the mini-series and I am excited to continue!  I just wish I could be saying more, but generally it’d be “this is exactly like the novel”, “this is a deviation from the novel”, and “everything is awesome”.  Not exactly riveting reading material.


Next time on Pride & Prejudice: Lizzy & Darcy getting along gets interrupted by Lydia and Wickham running off together.


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