3-19: Changing of the Zords, Part 2

Kat acts as bait to lure out the weakening Kimberly, leading to the villains capturing the brunette.

Last time on Power Rangers: Kat stole Kim’s Power Coin as the villains plot to obtain their own Zords.



Tommy is next to Kimberly, who’s lying on a raised platform of some kind.  Billy has scanned her and confirms that she’s weakening.  It’s said that she’s in a “deep sleep”.  Alpha is very frazzled while Tommy wants to save his girlfriend.  Zordon suggests that Alpha look for an alternate power source for her.  Adam and Rocky are worried about the team’s Zords while Billy is concerned about Zedd obtaining Zords of his own.

Lord Zedd and Rita mock Tommy and the others.  Goldar mocks Rito’s BO.  Zedd’s mood can’t be brought down and Rito accidentally inspires him about who to use as the Zords’ pilots: the Power Rangers.  Rita is dubious, but Zedd counters that they can blackmail the team by threatening Kimberly’s health.

In the Gym and Juice Bar, Adam and Rocky nervously approach Tommy as he whales on a punching bag.  In addition to his concern over Kimberly, Tommy is remembering how it felt when he lost his Green powers.  Rocky and Adam do their best to reassure their friend.

Kat shows up and asks after Kimberly, claiming that they were to meet up for lunch.  The blonde now has her hair in braided pigtails and will for the rest of this episode.  The guys rather awkwardly suggest that she’s busy.  Tommy declines Kat’s offer to join her and the blonde wanders off a bit sadly.  Her eyes momentarily flash red before she goes into the adjacent locker room, presumably for the exit.

Rita wants answers from her husband, but he’s not giving them.  Instead, Zedd creates a toothy monster.  There’s a teenage couple in the park that screams and runs away upon encountering the monster.

In the Command Center, Kimberly is still unconscious.  Zordon tries to calm down Alpha 5 to little effect.  The alarms blare and the viewing globe shows the monster in the park.

Aisha and Billy have just arrived at the locker room when their communicators beep.  The three guys head over to where they are and the quintet hears the message.  Morphing, they confront the monster in the park.  Rocky and Tommy are snarky.  In the ensuing battle, Billy and Aisha team up, as do Rocky and Adam.  Tommy charges alone but the monster holds its own, upsetting the brunet.

A Successful Trap

Zedd and Rito are watching the battle at the balcony when Rita shoves her brother out of the way so she can see.  Her husband suggests that Rita use her “feline friend”, leading the couple to prematurely gloat.


Seemingly at Zedd’s request, Kimberly wakes up, which is worrying.  Seeing the battle taking place via the viewing globe, she’s confused.  Alpha is startled that Kimberly is awake.  Zordon has started his exposition when the viewing globe switches to show Kat surrounded by Tengas.  Kimberly wants to help her friend, but Zordon counters that she’s “too weak” and would risk destruction if she went.  When she insists, Zordon tells her that “You are a true Power Ranger”.

Kimberly asks Alpha to teleport her there.  In ninja mode, Kimberly takes on the Tengas.  Half-hiding behind a bush, Kat watches the fight with pleasure.

Stone is annoyed with Bulk and Skull with their lakeside antics and their frequent claims of seeing monsters.  He wants to tag along to see if they are really as much of “monster magnets” as they claim.

Kimberly collapses and Kat actually seems worried as the Tengas gather around her.  Goldar teleports down.  Kat’s eyes flash red.  Kimberly reverts to her normal attire, leading Goldar to gloat at the sky.  Kat reassures herself that Tommy will get over missing Kimberly.  Goldar and Kimberly teleport away.

The monster zaps the quintet and teleports away when they get up.  Rocky is confused, as the monster had had the upper hand so why leave?  Aisha and Adam want to return to the Command Center so the team teleports away.

Moments later, Stone, Bulk, and Skull show up to ‘stakeout’ the location where the duo usually sees the monsters.

The helmetless Rangers have gotten the story from Zordon, who admits he’s not telepathic so he doesn’t know what Zedd has planned.  Tommy lists most of the bad things have occurred, with Adam bringing up the latest- Kimberly’s capture.  Maybe it’s too hard for him to say out loud?  Alpha alerts the team that the ‘new’ Zords are being powered up to Billy’s worry.

Forcing a Deal

Rita and Finster both want answers from an amused Lord Zedd.  In a semi-foggy cavern, the unconscious Kimberly is chained to a partially glass table that is slowly rotating.

Stone is getting annoyed with Bulk and Skull.  The white cat shows up and Skull briefly scoops her up before an annoyed Bulk tells him to knock it off.  The cat is now able to duck behind a bush and transform into Kat.  Showing up before the trio, Kat smiles at Skull.  Her eyes flash red before she walks off.  A confused Skull tries to make sense of that.

The helmetless Rangers continue to be worried.  Billy and Alpha have been working together to locate Kimberly.  When Zedd shows up in the viewing globe, Aisha goes, “Oh my gosh.”

Adam and Billy are unnerved as well.  Zedd gloats over Kimberly’s impending demise, upsetting Zordon.  The villain wants to be teleported into the Command Center or he’ll take it out on Kimberly.  Tommy and Zordon concede that they don’t have a choice.

Alpha presses some buttons.  The consoles shake, unnerving Tommy, Aisha, and Rocky.  The teens all throw up their arms when there’s flashes of light.  Zedd has his throne turn around so he can face the heroes and he chuckles evilly.  Zordon wants to save Kimberly.  Zedd decides he wants his “darling wife” to redecorate the Command Center when they take over it.

Alpha peeks over a console… and is so skittish that he calls Zedd ‘Ed’.  It upsets Zedd just as much as when Rito does it.  The robot hides back down again.  Zedd makes his ‘offer’.  Zordon is upset but Zedd is arrogantly certain that the heroes won’t refuse him.

The rest of the team clusters around Tommy.  Adam asks, “Tommy, what do we do?”

Billy states, “We can’t let anything happen to Kimberly.  She’s one of us.”

Arrogantly, Zedd cackles, expecting what their answer will be.


The end credits kind of ruin the dramatic cliffhanger, so it’s just Stone, Bulk, and Skull being rather silly.  Their subplot offers some needed light-heartedness, though I am concerned about how it’ll end.  I find myself hoping that they will encounter a monster, as Bulk and Skull aren’t lying about seeing monsters.  At least Stone knows that monsters are real, it’s just that he thinks the duo are lying about encountering them so often.

Overall, this is a fairly intense episode: Kimberly is weakening and has been captured by the villains, Kat is still working for the villains while wanting Tommy for herself, and there’s the possibility the other Rangers will have to pilot the evil Zords in an effort to save their teammate.

Zordon seems to have a soft spot for Kimberly, as I can’t recall him being this upset when any of the other Rangers have gotten into trouble.  Not that I blame him.  Tommy and Billy are particularly worried about her as well, though that’s not to say that the rest of the team isn’t worried- those two are just the most worried.

I’m starting to wonder if the eye flashes are supposed to indicate something beyond ‘under an evil spell’ as they happened a lot with Kat this episode.


Next time on Power Rangers: Kimberly gets rescued by Tommy.


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