9-34: Reflections of Evil

Miracon ensnares the quintet in his ‘mirror worlds’.

Last time on Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue showed up when Vypra teamed up with Ransik.


Mirror, Mirror

In the clock tower, Trip and Wes are playing chess.  Nearby, Lucas is fiddling with his hair while looking in a hand mirror.  Katie comes down the stairs, checks on the chess game’s progress, and then steals the hand mirror and teases Lucas.  In the ensuing tussle, which amuses the other guys, the mirror falls and breaks.  Wes ‘warns’ them about how breaking a mirror means seven years bad luck before moving a piece to go “Check” at Trip.

In a high-end fashion store, Nadira uses a changing stall to try on a reflective silver jumpsuit.  She giggles and studies her reflection, quoting the evil queen from Snow White.  The reflection lashes out at her, the pink haired woman recognizing Miracon’s handiwork.  The reflection turns into that mutant’s true form.  Initially displeased, she suddenly gets an idea that’ll be a real “scream”.

On the roof of a building with a glass-paned wall, Miracon uses a square mirror to get light into a driver’s eyes down on the road, causing the man to crash.  The mutant blasts down at the park, causing chaos amongst the civilians.  Arriving, the morphed quintet soon heads for the roof.

Once there, all they find is the abandoned mirror.  Lucas admires his reflection, annoying both Jen and Trip.  Miracon briefly shows himself, causing the quintet to head into a large room.  It’s barren except for a circle of several floor-length mirrors in the center.  Hiding in the middle, Miracon disappears into one of them.

The team heads over to the mirrors.  Yet again, Lucas admires his reflection, aggravating Katie.  To Lucas’ surprised annoyance, his reflection mocks him.  Lucas gets yanked into a mirror, and the others are soon sucked in as well.  Lucas goes to check that Trip’s not hurt.  Wes is in a different location than his teammates.

Ransik and Nadira go to the circle of mirrors.  When Ransik expresses his approval, Miracon is pleased with himself.  Mostly for the viewers’ benefit, Ransik notes that to escape, the Rangers must defeat each mirror’s mutant.  Nadira is certain that won’t happen before the two of them exit the space.  Miracon disappears.

Cracking Up

The mutant Redeye shows up to attack the quartet amongst the shipping containers.  He was briefly seen in “Uniquely Trip”.  Wes soon arrives and leads the team in wielding the Vorext Blaster against Redeye, exploding him.  Back in the large room, one of the mirrors cracks.

There’s another mutant to fight.  Katie and Jen use their weaponry against him.  It takes a bit, but the three guys do show up to help out.  As the mutant weakens, the mirror starts to crack.  It only fully cracks when the mutant has been defeated.

The team is suddenly in a nighttime location where Angelcon finds them.  He calls up a group of Cyclobots for the Rangers to fight first.  Katie punches Angelcon, upsetting him to the point he tries to electrify her.  However, she uses the Chrono Saber at full power on him, exploding the mutant.  A third mirror cracks.

Wes is uneasy and alone in a warehouse when Miracon himself shows up attack Wes.

Back in the space, Eric finds the mirrors and goes into the middle.  Weirdly, they seem to be whole here.  Eric can see the battle going on in the mirror so he tries to shoot at Miracon to no avail as the shot ricochets off the various mirrors and he has to duck to avoid being struck.  He therefore willingly enters the mirror world to come to Wes’ aid.  At this point he morphs.  Both guys get blasted out of the warehouse and it turns out to be at a dock.

They respectively use the Quantum Defender and Chrono Saber on Miracon.  Katie and Trip show up and try to help, only to get blasted back.  Jen and Lucas also try to attack, only to end up in the water.  Wes gets back up and goes after Miracon.  Eric is worried about his friend (he’d deny that Wes is his friend, but he clearly cares about him).

Beyond the Reflection

The team regroups.  Wes and Eric team up to fight Miracon, refusing to give up.  When Miracon explodes, another mirror cracks.  However, Miracon supersizes.  Wes only has to say Circuit’s name for the Time Flyers to be sent for.  However, they evidently take the scenic route, as part of the extended time travel sequence has them flying over various past eras.  The Time Force Megazord is formed and the Time Shadow arrives in battle mode.

Miracon does a ‘jolt’ to the Time Shadow, turning it evil.  Trip does the necessary exposition.  Lucas tries to tell the Time Shadow to stop.  Obviously, this doesn’t work.

Eric calls upon the Q-Rex, which soon goes into Megazord mode.    Eric gives commands to his Megazord, Miracon rolling out of the way of the attack.  However, that was the plan as the punch on the Time Shadow somehow restores it to normal.  The three Megazords work together to defeat Miracon, who shrinks into action figure mode.

Lucas puts the arrested Miracon into a canister.

Nadira is preening before three mirrors in her silver jumpsuit (I bet she stole it…).  Gluto shows up to ask her out, disgusting her and she storms out.  The other mutant doesn’t get the hint.  In his ‘office’, Ransik checks a blade and grabs a vial of serum.  When Nadira drops by to see what he’s doing as he puts a blade into his body, it’s revealed that he wants to hunt down Frax and destroy the robot.  Nadira thinks this is a great idea.


Wes and Lucas are playing chess while Jen and Trip are on the couch, watching a cartoon.  It seems that Wes might be sleeping, as he’s wearing sunglasses and is apparently unresponsive when Lucas preens a bit, using Wes’ shades as a mirror (initially it was an effort to wave a hand before Wes’ face, but Lucas got distracted).  Katie shows up to try giving him a hand mirror in apology.  Lucas is apparently fed up with actual mirrors and tries to push it away despite Katie insisting.

Of course, this leads to the mirror breaking on the floor.  Alert again, Wes takes off his sunglasses to tease Lucas about seven more years of bad luck before moving a chess piece to put Lucas in checkmate.  Everybody but Lucas is amused.


I suspect this episode and the next two are largely breather episodes before moving onto the season’s final arc.  The plot was fairly straightforward.  To be fair, Miracon was a fairly tricky foe in comparison to the usual blunt force using mutants.  I do wish that his shape-shifting ability had been utilized more.  And there was a reminder that Ransik and Frax are now at odds.

It’s possible that both Lucas and Nadira admiring their reflections was an attempt at foreshadowing that they’re more alike than different in personality although they definitely have differing ethics at this time.  It’s definitely nice that the episode showed that vanity isn’t a female-exclusive trait, what with Lucas’ preening.  His habit was brought up to eleven here, but Lucas has always been the Ranger most interested in looking good.

Wes is evidently skilled at chess, beating both Trip and Lucas.  It’s very possible he dozed off while waiting for Lucas to make a move.  I wonder how he’d fare against Katie, Jen, or Eric.  Speaking of whom, Eric was mostly a glorified cameo again, but it’s clear that actions speak louder than words with him- he definitely still cares about Wes.

Mister Collins is apparently still recovering.  I can’t figure out why else he’s been out of focus for so long.


Next time on Power Rangers: Nadira tries to date Lucas; when it goes badly, Ransik focuses his wrath on the Blue Ranger.


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