16-27: Tigers Fall, Lions Rise

Whiger takes part of Casey’s tiger spirit from him.

Last time on Power Rangers: The villains’ terrible scheme caused a clip show episode.


Training and Teaching

The team is walking in the woods, in their Ranger uniforms.  There’s a mention of Casey teaching a Kung Fu class before Theo and Dom exchange banter and rough-house.  RJ is teasing and it turns out that Casey still can’t beat the brunet.  A morphed Casey emerges from the bushes he got thrown into.  The rest of the team morphs, their sequences seen on-screen in a four-way screen.  It seems to be a melee as everybody play-fights.

A preteen is biking elsewhere in the woods.  When he stops to drink from his water bottle, he hears the noise so he heads over and watches the training with wide eyes.

Dai Shi wants Whiger to prove himself by destroying the Red Ranger as both have tiger spirits.

Most of the class is present when the preteen shows up.  Another boy mocks his claim about having seen the Power Rangers training in the woods.  Casey arrives to start the lesson.  It turns out that Todd is the bully, but Casey steps in to defuse the situation.

Later, RJ and Casey are jogging in the woods.  Casey expresses his worries, as he doesn’t want to not interfere but is afraid that interfering will worsen the bullying for the weaker kid.  RJ counters that the bully is actually the weaker kid for picking on others to cover up his own issues.  Casey comments, “Did anyone ever tell you you’re smart, RJ?”

“Yes.  I tell myself that every day,” RJ replies.  “Race you to the cliff.”

When Casey dashes off, an amused RJ goes, “Too easy.”

Out of breath, Casey reaches the cliff’s top.  He acknowledges, “He is smart.”

Suddenly Whiger ambushes Casey, pinning the youth down to take his tiger spirit.  A morphed RJ comes to Casey’s rescue.  Both RJ and Whiger end up at the cliff’s bottom, which is of course a quarry.  On his back, Casey pants back at its top.  RJ takes on Whiger, who soon leaves.  Demorphed, RJ goes to help Casey up.


The team has gathered in the loft to worry together as RJ and Casey must have recounted things off-screen.  Dom comments, “I can’t believe you were attacked by a Phantom Beast out of nowhere.”

“I can’t believe he has a tiger spirit just like yours,” Lily adds.

Most importantly, Theo points out, “I can’t believe RJ’s letting you sit in his chair.”

“Uh, don’t get used to it.  I’m having a moment of weakness,” RJ informs them before asking Casey, “You all right?”

Casey tries to reassure RJ, but he’s unconvinced as he goes, “I’m not so sure, amigo.  I think he took a little tiger out of your tank.  Try unleashing your spirit.”

Getting up, Casey tries to call upon his tiger spirit twice- nothing happens either time.  This understandably stresses him out.  Dom wants to get Casey’s animal spirit back.  RJ gets out a scroll as a visual aid for his fretful exposition on what he suspects the villains are up to- forming an alliance in contrast to what happened in the past.

In the temple, Whiger shows up in the throne room.  Getting up, Dai Shi goes into his armored mode.  There’s a face-off as Scorch, Snapper, and Camille watch on.  It seems to be a draw.  Going back to normal, Dai Shi gives credit to Whiger for succeeding and agrees to be the Phantom Beast King.

In the community center, another class is taking place.  Casey tries to mentor the bullied kid on a move but is rather out of it.  For sparring, he decides to have it be Todd (bully) versus Jimmy (bullied).  He’s definitely out of it if he thinks this is a good idea; then again, Mao certainly didn’t step in when Dai Shi tried to bully that cub, only acting after Casey had defended the cub and himself.  In other words, maybe Casey actually doesn’t know how to handle bully situations.  I mean, I’m not very clear on them either, but I suspect giving the bully a sanctioned chance to beat on his favorite victim is a bad plan.

Jimmy and Todd seem to be fairly even in actual skill, but Todd’s verbal attacks give him the edge.  After class, Casey reassures Jimmy that he saw a glimpse of Jimmy having a tiger spirit as well.

Dark Phoenix

The three Phantom Beast generals have formed a triangle around Dai Shi in the throne room.  There’s a bonding ceremony that involves Rinzin.  Camille is watching on.  Gold light goes everywhere, even in Dai Shi’s eyes.  He gets an upgraded armored mode as a result.  Dai Shi decides to make Camille a general as well.

Camille’s phrasing readily gives the others the option of saying she does not have a choice, but evidently the generals aren’t willing to argue with Dai Shi’s ‘favorite’ and therefore her Rinzin upgrade grants her the spirit of the Phoenix.  Getting a new armored mode, Camille enjoys the power increase.  Dai Shi is more focused on fighting the Rangers.


Casey shows up in civilian garb while the others are cleaning up the newly closed JKP.  Whiger telepathically contacts Casey and he tells the others what he heard (and Whiger’s location).  RJ has Casey sit back down, as he knows Casey isn’t up for a fight right now.  Fran sticks near Casey while the others head off.

The quartet, in Ranger uniform, finds Whiger in the quarry.  In the ensuing battle, RJ holds out the longest.  The other major villains show up on a ledge.  Dai Shi and Camille have new ‘casual’ looks as well.  He shrugs off his cloak and they both go into their new modes.  The three generals list off their names and spirits- oddly, Scorch is now the Dragon instead of the Avalon Dragon for some reason.  Dai Shi gloats, certain they’ll be ultimately victorious.

“Since we weren’t invited to this party, I suggest we crash it,” RJ states.  Getting out their morphers, the quartet charges.  There’s light indicating that they’re morphing.  RJ goes after Whiger.  Theo and Dom attempt to tag-team Snapper.  Lily fights Camille, of course.  The three villains go back to the ledge where Dai Shi and Scorch stayed.  Dai Shi does a threat and blasts at the quartet.  Laughing, the villains walk off to the Rangers’ worry.

True Heroes

The whole team talks up in the loft.  Casey is down on himself for not being there.  RJ assures him that it wouldn’t have mattered while the snarkier Theo concurs that “they threw us around like rag dolls”.  Casey decides to leave for his class, thinking he’s basically useless without his tiger spirit.

RJ counters, “Whoa.  Wait a minute.  You got it all wrong.  Your spirit doesn’t make you stronger.  You make your spirit stronger.  Think about it.”

Nodding, Casey leaves.

In the throne room, Dai Shi orders Whiger to destroy the Red Ranger.

Todd and his friends are mocking Jimmy on a sidewalk when all the kids run from the newly arrived Whiger.  The other civilians in the area bolt as well.  When he spots the kids, Casey realizes he can’t morph with them possibly seeing him so he darts into a corner to give a heads-up to the others.  But like in the first episode, Casey fails to morph.

Theo, in Jungle Master mode, shows up first.  He’s followed by Lily (also in Jungle Master mode), RJ, and Dom.  From his hiding spot, Jimmy is baffled by the Red Ranger’s absence.  Whiger fiercely fights the quartet.

Putting RJ’s earlier words into the first person, Casey can now morph into his Jungle Master mode.  To his teammates’ astonishment, he joins the fray.  Jimmy and the other hiding boys are excited by this development.  Lily checks that Casey’s okay.  However, the Claw Cannon cannot charge as Casey doesn’t have enough tiger spirit.

Whiger wants to fight Casey.  Jimmy has overheard the issue and comes over, aware that he has the tiger spirit too.  Theo is not okay with involving a kid but Casey knows that Jimmy is right as he’s the one who gave Jimmy that knowledge.  The quartet charges up the Claw Cannon, impressing the other kids.

The Claw Cannon fires and knocks over Whiger.  Todd is startled by Jimmy having helped out the Rangers.  Jimmy and Casey clasp hands before the kid leaves.  Whiger supersizes.  It’s RJ’s turn to be snarky, as he notes, “And he grows!”

The Jungle Master and Wolf Pride Megazords are formed.  The Rhino Steel Zord shows up and goes into warrior mode.  Whiger is a tough foe and there’s quite a bit of destruction.  Casey is getting drained, so Theo and Lily help rally him.  A stampede of separated Zords goes after Whiger, and the villain ends up on the ground.

Kneeling down, Casey becomes helmetless in the Megazord.  Scorch and Whiger are worried among the rubble.

In the community center space, Jimmy is recounting the story to his classmates.  Coming over to start the class, Casey does take the time to give kudos to Jimmy.  The boy reaches out to Todd that they can be friends and sparring partners to learn from each other.  Casey smiles at this happy ending.


The Todd-and-Jimmy subplot is actually foreshadowing, but it’s subtle as it does appear to be a usual subplot of overcoming insecurities and befriending bullies.  I realize that it’s rather idealistic for Todd to be willing to befriend Jimmy, but then again, most preteen boys would want to be friend with a fellow boy who got to help out the Power Rangers in a battle.  Actually, maybe it wasn’t deliberate foreshadowing; that’d explain the subtlety.

RJ and Casey continue to be good friends, to the point that RJ is briefly willing to let Casey sit in his green armchair.  Fran is barely in this episode, but she does care about Casey like the other Rangers.  She’s probably busy running JKP while the team is training and fighting evil.  Poor Fran.

Both Dai Shi and Camille got power upgrades thanks to Rinzin from the Phantom Beast generals.  Of course, thanks to Casey’s resilience and humanity this alliance won’t be sturdy for long.  I’m curious why Camille picked the Phoenix as her new animal spirit- maybe the renewal symbolism appealed to her.

I wonder if any of Casey’s other students have animal spirits.  Maybe everybody has one in this reality and it’s just a matter of strength and/or learning to call upon it?  Hmm.  I bet Fran’s animal spirit is a Pink one, as that’s about the only major color not represented on the team.  But what specific animal is she?


Next time on Power Rangers: Casey’s attitude inspires a change in Whiger.


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