Season 6 Summary

Time to discuss season six of SG-1!

The finale involved Anubis going after Abydos, which got Daniel involved.


So, Rodney did play a role in the two-part season opener, which was great fun.  And although no one could have known at the time, he’ll be playing a role once the lost city gets found.  This upcoming season will be fun as the team searches for what will turn out to be Atlantis.

Jonas Quinn was all right and got quite a few episodes centering on him: “Frozen”, “Shadow Play”, “Sight Unseen”, apparently “Metamorphosis”, and “Prophecy”.  But he remained largely a Daniel expy, even to the point of using his old study and belongings.

Daniel himself returned to help Jack in “Abyss”, to help Teal’c in “The Changeling”, and tried to help Abydos in the season finale.  I won’t lie- it’ll be great to see him again.  Evidently the ‘reveal’ about the Ancients is that they largely Ascended, which I hadn’t realized the characters didn’t know yet.  Oops.

Jack, Teal’c, and Sam continue to be collectively and individually awesome.

Anubis is increasingly the greater threat to the galaxy over the system lords.  Jaffa, Tok’ra, and the Tauri have set the groundwork for a solid alliance to combat the Goa’uld.  On Earth, three more nations know about the Stargate program, which will ultimately lead to the multinational Atlantis team.

Harry Maybourne showed up for his second-to-last appearance.  It’ll be interesting to see how the NID and Kinsey will interact with SGC this upcoming season.

The season seven DVD includes images of Osiris and Jacob/Selmak.  Clearly they’ll be involved.  I think the random white guy I don’t recognize might be Sam’s reoccurring love interest (I know she has a fiancé at one point, this might be him).  And I’m aware that Janet will get killed off, which will be awful.

Overall, there haven’t been any major shakeups in terms of plot arcs this season.  It’s been great, but largely the team has been exploring the galaxy and learning more about various cultures.  In short, this was a ‘breather’ season, possibly due to Jonas’ newbie status.  More than ever, each episode built upon past events.  No wonder another clip show episode was needed.

It looks like season seven will begin with the reveal of Daniel being returned to ‘normal’.


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