SG7-1: Fallen

After finding an amnesiac Daniel, SGC formulates a wacky plan to take out Anubis.

Last time on Stargate SG-1: Anubis went after Abydos.


Finding the Lost

On a stormy planet with some ruins, there’s an older man (Shamda) telling a story to two younger men, who aren’t invested as it was told to them within the past day (and possibly in an even shorter timeframe).  They find a naked, unconscious Daniel.  The brunet wakes up to one of the younger men leading over him.  It turns out that Daniel has amnesia, however.

Over in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Jonas is doing research his study about the stone tablet.  Opening up a book out of his shelves, Jonas has a eureka moment.  Darting by, he gives Teal’c a heads-up and bumps into Siler on his way to the elevator.  While being transported, he talks excitedly at the other guy in there (Martin Wood’s cameo as he snacks in a callback to Jonas’ initial habit).

Upon entering the control, he asks Walter where “Major Carter” is.  Having gotten a response, he heads up the stairs to find Sam worriedly reporting to Hammond about what Anubis has been up to.  According to the commentary, the ‘oner’ shot part of the above sequence took nine takes.

Jonas tells them, “I got it.”

Channeling her inner Jack, Sam replies, “Hopefully it’s not contagious.”

“Ha-ha,” he tells her before launching into his linguistic-babble on the “city of the lost”.  It seems that the plague broke out during this city’s construction and thus was the final place built by the Ancients.  Jack putting in a bunch of new Gate addresses in the computer system during “The Fifth Race” is brought up.  It’s entirely possible that Jack put them in chronological order, while SGC has been probing them in that order.  Ergo, Jonas suggests, they ought to send a MALP to that final address.

SG-1 has been accompanied by two other teams to this planet.  Jack is being his grumpy shot.  The establishing shot is the same as the episode’s first shot.  When SG-1 finds the village amongst the ruins, the largely blue-clad villagers grow uneasy by the strangers’ presence.  Jonas notes that they look nomadic.

A young man steps forward to greet them.  Jonas does an introduction.  When Teal’c is recognized as a Jaffa, the others assure them that he is one, but no longer allied to the Goa’uld.  Jonas also has to assure them that this won’t become a territory dispute.

When the two other teams encounter Daniel, they all basically go (O_o).

Back in the village, the young man is trying to reassure Shamda as they head over to the quartet.  The meeting gets sidetracked as Shamda and Jack get into a proverb-off.  It ends when both of them get a bit befuddled over what “birds of a feather” means.  A team leader comes over to alert Jack that they found something.

The other guys show up with Daniel to SG-1’s shock.  The villagers call him Arrom as it means “naked one”, having found him two moons ago.  Okay, that’d mean more to me if there’d been any commentary on how the lunar cycle functions on this planet since I really doubt every planet has a twenty-eight-day cycle.  Sam tries to greet him but he doesn’t know her.  Teal’c is also upset and confused by this development.  When Daniel just walks off, Sam gets saddened.  Jack calls after the younger man, “Not even me?”

Daniel keeps going.  Later, Jack heads into his tent to try explaining things to Daniel.  It’s explained that he has amnesia and hasn’t had any success in recalling anything despite his efforts.  Jack states, “Last year, you died.”

Understandably incredulous, Daniel goes, “I’m dead?”

There’s a pause before Jack admits, “Obviously not,” before trying to explain things.  When Anubis is mentioned, Daniel echoes the name questioningly.  Michael notes that it’s a bit odd that Daniel/Arrom opened up so fast to a stranger, but I think it could make sense as Daniel subconsciously remembering Jack.

“Yeah, kind of a… over the top cliché bad guy.  Black cloak, oily skin, sort of spooky.”  Jack is confused by Daniel being here and admits that this is weird.  He is glad they found him and has his doubts it was a coincidence; however, he admits the ‘higher power’ thing was Daniel’s department.  It’s admitted by the commentary that the bond between Daniel and the villagers isn’t shown, but maybe Daniel is largely an outsider still and it’s just that it’s truly all he knows.

Sam is amongst the blue-clad villagers while Jonas and Teal’c are off helping SG-3 and SG-5 with the initial exploration of the ruins.  Jack heads over to her.  The blonde theorizes that the others might have punished Daniel by making him an amnesiac human for his inference with Abydos.  They’re both worried, but Jack’s still in a good enough mood to tell her, “Tag, you’re it.”

When she heads over to the tent, Sam asks permission to enter (unlike Jack).  Not terribly pleased, he does grant it.  Awkwardly, she sits down.  Daniel has to ask her name and initially calls Jack Jim.  He admits he’s worried about not liking who he used to be and learning that he did something wrong.  Glad to have Daniel back, Sam does her best to reassure him that he is awesome and empathic.  This just makes Daniel worry he can’t live up to that.

The commentary admits that it’s a fine line of handling Daniel’s amnesia between it being a deus ex machina and being ignored.

Sam does her best to reassure him and convince him to come back with them.  Daniel says he’ll think about it and double-checks that they weren’t romantically involved, a notion that seems to bemuse Sam.  After she leaves the tent, Daniel remains worried.  The commentary brings up that Sam’s praise of him being so much yet them being just friends is part of why he decided to see who he used to be according to them.

Trying to Remember

As Sam wanders the village, Jack and the two natives with lines show up.  Shamda had been telling a story with the moral of ‘appearances can be deceiving’.  Jack gets a bit snarky, as is his default reaction to the galaxy in general.  Jonas and Teal’c show up to admit that these ruins are massive.  Daniel shows up, having decided to accompany them back to Earth.  Apparently Michael wanted to keep the “man-purse”.

Hammond is waiting for SG-1 in the Gate room when the quintet comes through the wormhole.  Although happy to see Daniel, the general has to ask, “You have no memory of who I am?”

“None whatsoever,” Daniel admits.

Jack chimes in, “Neither do I, sir.”

When Hammond is not amused, Jack leads Daniel off, followed by the others.  Jack tries to claim that Daniel owes him fifty bucks.

There’s a shot of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex at night.  In the infirmary, Janet has done her check-up and gives Daniel his glasses back just as Jack shows up.  The brunet is startled by the change in his vision and starts to trade banter with Jack.  Michael flat-out claims there’s “homoerotic tension” between his character and Jack and even it’s a joke, no wonder the fans ran with that.

The older man takes Daniel to a room with some of Daniel’s stuff in it, as Jack kept some personal things of Daniel’s.  Picking up a framed photograph of Sha’re, Daniel stares down at the image.  Jack wants see if Daniel can remember her and leaves.  Confused, Daniel soon goes to sleep (not bothering with the covers) but wakes up in time.  Taking the photo with him, Daniel goes to Teal’c’s room and knocks before opening the door.

Since he began taking tretonin, Teal’c admits he cannot properly do kel’no’reem.  He lets in Daniel properly and both men take seats.  Daniel remembers her name is “Sha’re” as he had a dream of her.  This gives him hope that he’ll gradually remember everything and wants to know where she is.

Even Teal’c isn’t stoic enough to conceal the truth.  Daniel realizes that she must be dead.  He recognizes that he must have deeply loved her.  Putting down the photograph, he exhales and wonders why this Oma made him forget everything.  Teal’c theorizes that she might have found a loophole in wiping his memory as according to the others’ rules.  Daniel asks about this Anubis and why this led his past-self to break the rules.

Wackiest Plan Yet

There’s a shot of Cheyenne Mountain Complex.  Jonas is leading a briefing with Hammond, Jack, Sam, and Teal’c.  Followed by a guard, Daniel shows up, wanting to join in.  Hammond tries to point out this is classified information.  Daniel wants to be present and can’t exactly tell anybody what he learns.  Not wanting to argue against this, they let Daniel join in.  Daniel still thinks Jack’s name is Jim.

Jonas resumes his conversation, and nothing of note has been found yet in the ruins.  Daniel is certain that this isn’t the lost city and can still understand the variant of Ancient on the stone tablet.  He theorizes that the Ancients deliberately made this city lost to keep others from finding it.  Jack and Sam are a bit worried and annoyed.

It’s clarified that in part due to his new super weapon powered by the six Eyes, Anubis is beating the resisting Goa’uld.  Daniel is certain that these ruins aren’t the lost city but doesn’t know where the actual lost city is.  Jack is getting grumpy.

The commentary admits that having both Jonas and Daniel on a team is redundant as it’s already borderline redundant to have one of them and Sam on the team.

Knocking on Daniel’s door, Jonas gets told to let himself in.  Daniel is reading on his bed.  Jonas asks about Anubis being partially Ascended and by thinking out loud, he comes to the idea of creating a tablet replica with an altered translation to help lure Anubis into a trap.  It’s pointed out Corin acts more with his hands while Michael uses mostly his face as they have differing acting methods.

A montage ensues.  Teal’c, back in formal grey Jaffa armor, stands before SGC’s wormhole.  Jonas and Daniel are working on an Ancient translation in the study.  Sam and three Tok’ra (two ladies and a guy) are doing research with a hologram of Anubis’ new ship.  There’s digging taking place on the ruins back on the planet.  Teal’c gets on his knees before Yu, his hands spread out to show he’s unarmed.

In a darkened room, Sam is doing a briefing before a group of SGC personnel and the Tok’ra.  Jack is already grumpy, which Sam finds more amusing than anything.  The blonde does technobabble.  Meanwhile, the commentary acknowledges this is a Star Wars homage as later highlighted by Jack (I’ll be mentioning it when it happens).

When Jack asks where the ventilation shaft for the plan to succeed is, she calls him out on already knowing that they don’t know.  A Tok’ra lady admits that their spy has only gotten limited knowledge of the new ship.  Jonas and Daniel are to sneak onboard to find the shaft’s location.

Sam and Jack will be flying the X-302; they’ll be the limited hyperdrive to get past the shields and to strike the shaft to take out the superweapon once they get the information from Daniel and Jonas.  Teal’c has gotten Yu to agree to send the fleet to take out Anubis’ ship as the blast won’t take out the ship entirely.

Jack leads the group in raising their hands about this plan being insane.  Sam is one of the last to do so.  Hammond rallies them in making this happen.  As most of the group exits the room, Sam and Jonas continue expositing.  The lights come on and Jack sort-of apologizes to Sam, as he’s worried about trusting Yu.  Sam counters that Yu has been helpful to them in the past.

“All I’m saying, just for the record, this is the wackiest plan we’ve ever come up with,” Jack states.

“Wackier than strapping an active Stargate to the bottom of the X-302?” Sam counters in a reference to last season’s premiere.

As he walks by her, Jack replies, “Oh yeah.”

Sam calls after him, “Wackier than, than blowing up a sun?”

This is, of course, a reference to the events of “Exodus”, the fourth season finale.

Still walking away, Jack goes, “Yup!”

Sam concedes, “He’s probably right,” before walking off herself.


The still seated Jonas and Daniel are understandably concerned.

Spiraling Out of Control

There’s a shot of Yu’s city.  There are Jaffa present as Yu goes to his sarcophagus.  His slender, Asian first prime tries to guide Yu’s actions to little avail.  The commentary admits that this is a change from the usual look of the first primes, compared to the builds of Herak and Teal’c.  They want to showcase that first primes don’t have to be massive, muscled guys.

As Yu enters the sarcophagus, he tells the first prime essentially the same orders the first prime had just said.  On the one hand, I’m vaguely amused by the likely unintentional homage to The Aristocats.  On the other hand, this is the first sign that Yu is becoming senile.  I’m half-concerned that it’s very possible that Anubis did something to Yu to cause that; after all, Oma did erase Daniel’s memory.

Jack and Daniel are suiting up in the locker room.  Daniel recognizes the photo of Charlie hanging in Jack’s locker room as being Jack’s son and the reason Jack went to Abydos as he thought it’d be suicide.  Jack is fine that Daniel isn’t big on following his lead so this is normal to him.  Daniel tries to reassure Jack that he “remembers enough”.

After the wormhole effect, the show has cut to the base camp has been set-up off-world.  Sam is a bit weirded out by Hammond being off-world, with a hatted Walter at his side.  The general counters that this isn’t a typical mission.  They salute each other after he gives orders and he proudly watches her head off.

Motherships are flying through space.  When Teal’c goes to the bridge, Yu’s first prime gives Teal’c a heads-up on what’s going on.

Sam and Jack are seated in the X-302.  In a nod to Star Wars, Jack notes that he wanted to go with “Red Leader” for this mission.  Hammond tells them “Godspeed” before the ship takes off on the makeshift runway.

Anubis’ massive ship is nearing the planet, having taken the bait of the faked tablet off-screen.  Transport rings beam down two groups of Jaffa.  Along with a SG team, Jonas and Daniel zat the Jaffa.  Jonas thanks the other team, leader of which tells them good luck, before the duo gets beamed up onto the ship.

The X-302 is nearing Anubis’ ship.  Jack is impressed by its size, not having seen it last episode.  Sam alerts him that four gliders are incoming.

Jonas and Daniel are sneaking through a hallway.  The latter lies down to zat the two Jaffa as the door slides up to reveal a room.  Afterwards, Daniel goes to the console while Jonas stands guard at the closed door.

Back in outer space, the gliders are nearing.  Jack notes, “I want to see what this thing’s made of.”

“I could tell you exactly, sir,” Sam brings up.

“Another time, maybe.  Please?”

The battle between the X-302 and the death gliders begins, with two of the gliders soon being taken out.  Jack and Sam work together to pilot it.  Sam gives Daniel a heads-up over the radio.

At the door, there are angry Jaffa on the other side.

The motherships are flying along when the first prime gets new orders from a hologram of Yu.  The first prime has to tell other Jaffa to take Teal’c away as he must obey his god.

Herak gives Anubis a report on what’s going on the planet below.

Jonas is messing with the door’s crystals as the Jaffa keep yelling.  Daniel has gotten into the computer’s systems but is getting snarky and grumpy.  Jonas counters that there must be a search program and offers the term power core venting.  Once they have the information, they make to transmit the data to Jack and Sam, the latter getting a heads-up.

Hammond is concerned about the fleet’s lateness.  Jack expresses his annoyance about how he was right.

Anubis and Harek agree that they won’t find anything of worth on the planet.

The SGC personnel realize that the Stargate is being targeted by the superweapon, and the Gate’s naquadah will magnify the explosion.  Once Jack and Sam learn this, despite the latter’s concern, they do activate the hyperdrive to get past the ship’s shields.

Jack is the one to do the targeting.  As the X-302 flies close the ship, the commentary admits the strong parallels to Star Wars.  Harek gives Anubis a heads-up so they make to attack the X-302.

Back in the room, Daniel manages to get into a vent but Jonas gets zatted and therefore captured by the Jaffa who’ve just gotten into the room.

Taking his shot, Jack causes a big explosion.  Sam gives him kudos, pleasing him.

Harek alerts Anubis about powering down the weapon but it’s too late and an explosion shakes the ship as the superweapon gets taken out.  The commentary admits that it’s basically a Star Wars rip-off at this point.  Anubis roars in anger.

The X-302 flies away.  Daniel is crawling in a vent when he gets radioed by Sam.

Jonas wakes up bound securely to a table.  He basically gloats to Anubis, offending the villain.  Jonas claims he won’t tell Anubis anything.  But Anubis opens up his hand to reveal one of the brain spiky things that he used on Thor back in the season five finale “Revelations”.


I’m amused by the fact that the modified opening credits aren’t even bothering to conceal the fact that Daniel is back in the core cast.  Poor Corin Nemec is in the post-opening credits; he’s first but doesn’t even get a special credit like Teryl Rothery does.  Michael Shanks is part of the commentary, yay!  I finally got the answer of why his character left: Michael left for a paternity leave, essentially.  So it’s very possible that they always intended for Daniel to return, which is interesting.  Hmm.

About eleven minutes of footage got cut from this episode as it ran very over.  Two scenes involved Shamda (one with Daniel, and an extended proverb-off with Jack).

There’s a glimpse of Jonas and Teal’c getting along, but this episode was largely about Daniel reconnecting with his teammates and Jonas when not working on the plan to take down Anubis (and occasionally even then).  I like Jonas well enough, but I prefer Daniel (sorry, Jonas).  This episode largely sets up for the remainder of the season: Anubis is very evil, Yu might be losing it, the Tauri and Tok’ra are allies, Daniel is no longer Ascended, and SGC is generally gaining ground as a force to be reckoned with.  And they’re still looking for that lost city (yay).

Sam and Jack continue to interact adorably.  It was great to see Janet again, even briefly, as I’m acutely aware of her upcoming death.  More bittersweet were the references about how the deaths of Sha’re and Charlie are still impacting Daniel and Jack.

All in all, this was a great way to kick off the seventh season and it’s just the first half of a two-parter!  I’ll watch the disc’s special features after watching all the episodes on this one, just in case of early spoilers.


Next time on Stargate SG-1: Both Daniel and Jonas return to their home planets.


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