SG7-2: Homecoming

Anubis goes to Kelowna to obtain its naquadria.

Last time on Stargate SG-1: An amnesiac Daniel was found and a wacky plan to stop Anubis was made.


A Change in Plans

At SGC, the iris is closed as the Stargate has been activated.  Walter alerts Hammond it’s SG-1’s code so the iris gets opened.  Sam, Jack, and a few other personnel come through to report that the superweapon was neutralized.  However, Anubis’ ship went into hyperspace before they could get Jonas and Daniel off it.

Said ship leaves hyperspace.  Jonas is brought before Anubis, the mind probe having been implanted.  He tries to call out Anubis on being calm despite the weapon’s destruction.  However, Anubis has already learned from the mind probe of Daniel’s presence.  I forgot to clarify in the previous episode, there was a mention of a Tok’ra isotope that would keep the duo from being noticed by the ship’s sensors for a time.  Said isotope is currently saving Daniel’s cute butt.  When Jonas remains blasé, Anubis tells him to look out the window.

Anubis has also learned of naquadria’s existence and therefore has gone to Kelowna, telling a wide-eyed Jonas “Welcome home.”

The capital is seen as the ship hovers over a sizable portion of it.

Back in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Hammond puts down the phone so he can go over to alert Jack and Sam that the Tok’ra don’t know where Anubis’ ship is nor where Teal’c and Yu’s fleet are.  Jack is certain that Yu betrayed them, while Hammond points out that they didn’t have any better options.  Over the intercom, Walter gives the heads-up about an unauthorized wormhole.

Ambassador Dreylock’s voice is heard over the radio as Hammond, Sam, and Jack arrive in the control room.  When Hammond responds he can hear her, she informs him that they’re under attack.  Hammond gets a bit testy, as he thinks it’s another intra-planet issue, but Dreylock corrects him that Anubis is attacking them.

There’s a mothership in hyperspace.  Teal’c is annoyed in a holding cell.  Yu’s first prime and another (bigger) Jaffa show up.  When Teal’c gets cranky, the other Jaffa gets a bit trigger-happy but the first prime gets him to chill out before he enters the cell to talk privately with Teal’c.

The first prime admits that Yu now spends most of his time in the sarcophagus and might be no longer able to take a new host.  He’s now afraid that even gods can’t live forever; Teal’c counters that Yu isn’t a god.  It turns out that Yu changed the course because he thought Anubis was in that area, not the designated spot.  He’s been generally more confused and less ‘all there’ lately.  A timeline for when these changes began isn’t given- has it been years, months, weeks?  That might help me decide if it’s possible Anubis was involved.

However, the first prime states he cannot betray Yu as he has devoted his life to his service.  Teal’c counters that if this keeps up, millions of Jaffa will die, Yu’s legacy will be that of a fool, and therefore “what meaning will your life have then?”

The brunette Ambassador Dreylock and the balding Commander Hale are in a warehouse-like space in which the Gate activates.  Jack and Sam come through, the former as blasé as usual to the commander’s frustration.  It turns out this is an underground bunker near the city’s outskirts.  It’s mentioned that two of their people are on the ship, clarifying that one is Jonas Quinn.  Understandably, they don’t want to get into the whole ‘Daniel Jackson is back’ mess right now.

Jack tries to radio them and gets in contact with Daniel.  Hiding in a hallway, Daniel has to be told where the ship has gone.  Neither man knows why Anubis is here.  Daniel is trying to head for Jonas’ cell but he doesn’t know how to shut down the force field on it and might be a little lost.  He has roughly three hours left before the isotope wears off and he’ll be visible to the ship’s sensors.

“So, business as usual, then, huh?” goes Jack.

“I don’t know,” replies Daniel.  “Is it?”

“Yes.  We do this sort of thing all the time.”

“Oh, well, good.  That’s comforting, then.”

… I’m not quite sure if that last line of Daniel’s is meant to be sarcastic or not.


Yu’s First Prime and Teal’c are debating on the bridge when they get a signal.  Baal shows up on a hologram screen, immediately upset at seeing the shol’va.  I suddenly suspect that in a few centuries, the Jaffa legends will tell of “Teal’c the Shol’va”.  Evidently Baal and Anubis have had a falling-out since “Prophecy” or maybe around that time.

Commander Hale tells Jack that the First Minister got executed as an example.  It’s very possible he’s referring to Vallis, who was seen alongside Hale and Dreylock in “Shadow Play”.  Several factories were struck, the ensuing explosions killing many.  At that point, they gave Anubis all of their naquadria in appeasement.  Dreylock shows up to alert the commander that there’s a new message so the two of them head off.

Sam realizes that the mind probe must have been used on Jonas, and it’s possible Anubis knows how to get a “stable power source” out of naquadria, which the Earthlings have repeatedly failed to do.  Jack makes dramatic noises in response in an effort to lighten the mood.  According to the commentary, Richard ad-libbed that.

Teal’c and the first prime have made their offer of making Baal the leader of the system lord resistance against Anubis.  When Baal is skeptical, they suggest they could go to another Goa’uld like Bastet.  The first prime will lead the Jaffa in Yu’s name and it’s time to formalize the deal.  The first prime knows that it’s in his master’s best interest for Anubis to be stopped.

Falling Apart

Hale and Dreylock return to the bunker.  Sam wants to know why Anubis is still here despite having gotten the naquadria.  It turns out that archeologists have been rounded up- why, the Kelownans are unsure.  Currently there is a cease-fire between Kelowna, Tirania, and the Andari Federation… because the naquadria bomb got used.  Dreylock claims everybody regretted it almost at once.  Hale thinks it had to be done to save Kelwonian lives.  Yeah, this is a barely post-WWII parallel planet now.  I’m starting to wonder what the planet as a whole is called or if the different cultures have different names.

There are delegations from the other nations here for peace talks right now, in fact.  Jack knows that they must have noticed the giant floating ship.  The naquadria mine is dry but Sam knows that Anubis won’t believe them.  There’s also the possibility that Goa’uld technology would be able to access veins that the Kelwonians had no idea about.  Sam stands firm that all three major powers of the planet must be involved before SGC can be involved to help fight off Anubis.

A Goa’uld scientist guy comes forth to speak to Anubis on his throne, as Anubis wants his ship at full power again.  It turns out, that like Nirrti, Anubis is interested in Jonas’ physiology.  When the other Goa’uld is waved at, he leaves.  Okay, I have a feeling that the show won’t explain what is up with Jonas’ DNA or even if it’s something shared by others on his planet.

Daniel is sneaking around with a zat at the ready.  Entering a storage room, he shuts the door behind him.  He edges over to a wall and knocks, whispering for Jonas.  The two guys talk worriedly about their situation.

Hale and Dreylock have retrieved the leading ambassadors from the other nations’ delegations: the male Savaarin and the female Noor.  Both seem to be Caucasian.  Noor notes that the strangers don’t look alien.  The Stargate dials up behind them and its activation startles the duo.  Jack is very pleased with himself at the reminder of just how cool the Stargate is when seen for the first time.

When Teal’c arrives, Jack has to reassure Savaarin that he’s a friendly Jaffa.  They already got the news about the deal via a message from Hammond.

Jack has to ask Teal’c, “Are you nuts?”

“I believe it is our only choice, O’Neill.”

This leads him to sigh.

In his cell, Jonas is blaming himself for this whole mess as he wanted to protect his planet from the Goa’uld, not lead them to it.

In a corner, Jack and Teal’c have a whispered conversation about Baal.  Giving in, Jack pats his friend’s shoulder before they head over to Sam and the others.  Teal’c states the plan.  Hale is very wary, leading Jack to bring up the story about the dog and the dancing monkeys that Shamda had told him off-screen last episode.  No one is in a good mood.  Sam appeals to Saavrin’s selfishness by pointing out that Anubis will search the whole planet, regardless of borders, for more naquadria.

The scientist Goa’uld thinks he’s found a way to stabilize the naquadria.  However, the blast could be powerful enough to wipe out the whole city.  The enthroned Anubis likes that idea so the other guy leaves.

Sam radios Daniel, who’s struggling to find a way to shut down the force field.  It turns out that Baal’s fleet will show up in a few hours while the isotope will wear off in about fifteen minutes.  Some Jaffa drop by to grab some stuff from the storage room.  However, one notices something’s up so he gets his fellows to come back.  The commentary tries to figure out how that guy realized something’s up.  Either he heard Daniel blink or he has spidey-sense, according to them.

Harek and the scientist Goa’uld are at the bridge, working to prepare the weapon, while Anubis watches on.

The alert Jaffa are searching the storage room as Daniel hides.

The generator starts to overload and the test can’t be stopped so there’s another explosion elsewhere in the ship.  The Jaffa in the storage room head out to find out what happened.  The force field on Jonas’ cell starts to flicker.

Daniel goes out to the hallway to get Jonas.

The scientist Goa’uld is upset, certain he had found a way to stabilize the naquadria.  At Anubis’ order, Herak kills the confused Goa’uld.

When he reaches out to the entrance, Jonas gets zapped.  Timing things, Jonas manages to get out into the hallway with only a numb arm.  Daniel helps the other man up and they head down a hallway.  To Jonas’ annoyance, they’re kind of lost.

In the Past

Under the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Jack arrives in the Gate room to update Hammond.  The general needs Pentagon approval for a large-scale operation.  Jack suggests that he could take SG teams eleven and fifteen as “technical advisors” as they do want to help out the planet.

To Sam’s confusion, she learns that the Museum of Antiquities is being ransacked.  The exhibit had pottery and statues.  Any tablets were given to the scientists in hopes of getting information on naquadria from them.  Sam wants to find out what Anubis is looking for.

Jonas is pleased that he can wiggle his fingers now.  He and Daniel have to backtrack when they realize that Jaffa are going into the cargo bay.

Hale is very displeased that only eight men were sent as there are over a thousand alien soldiers in the city.  Jack thinks that stopping the ship is the main issue.  Sam realizes that Anubis must be looking for a crystal, as the Goa’uld use them to store information.  The Goa’uld who once ruled over this planet did research on naquadria, and therefore the results would be stored on it.

Dreylock offers to take them to that warehouse.  Sam wants to keep it low-key to avoid Anubis’ attention.  Jack tells her to take Teal’c along with her.

As they head down a hallway, Jonas and Daniel duck into a room to avoid being seen by Jaffa.  Both guys are frazzled as Daniel starts to explore the room.  Jonas grabs a zat for defense.  Daniel realizes that the isotope will wear off in a minute and is getting overwhelmed… yet both guys are having fun too.  They’re a bit snarky about the SG-1 job.

Jonas still thinks that O’Neill dislikes him; to his surprise, Daniel reassures him that Jack thinks he’s a “good man”.  They decide to delay this chat until after they survive.  They decide to risk the transport rings as the Kelwonans found a ring platform near the Stargate.

Dreylock, Sam, and Teal’c have reached the warehouse and think they got there first.

The two Jaffa guards at the ship’s transport rings get zatted by Daniel and Jonas.

The trio is searching for the crystal, with Sam getting annoyed.  Teal’c finds the crystal and hands it over to the blonde.  But then they get surrounded by Anubis’ Jaffa.  Sam and Teal’c lower their weapons and surrender.

Bittersweet Farewells

The transport rings on the ship are about to be activated.

One Jaffa is demanding the crystal just as the transport rings send Jonas and Daniel down into the warehouse.  The two guys zat all the Jaffa.  Dreylock, Teal’c, and Sam are surprised by this save.  Additionally, Dreylock is surprised to see Jonas again.  There’s a reminder that the ring platform got taken to the warehouse as a Goa’uld artifact.  The commentary had admitted beforehand that this rescue was a deus ex machina.

Jack is in the bunker when the rest of his team (and Dreylock) shows up.  Sam has pocketed the crystal and doesn’t want to hand it over to Hale.  Then it turns out that Hale has allied himself with Anubis in an effort to save Kelowna.  The other two ambassadors have been captured by more Jaffa.  Harek shows up as well.

Sam and Jack put down their weapons.  This time, Sam has to hand over the crystal when Hale wants it.  Jack is very frustrated with Hale’s poor life choices.  When Saavrin and Noor try to turn on each other, Jonas expresses his frustration with how three nations keep fighting each other.  This leads Jonas to get slapped by Harek.

Teal’c has to get a staff weapon up in his face to keep him still.  Again, I appreciate the reminder that the two of them low-key bonded as two of the few aliens in SGC.  Jack and Jonas are annoyed.  Hale hands over the crystal to Harek, who heads over to stand near Jack and use the staff weapon on Hale to the ambassadors’ shocked horror.

Harek plans to kill everybody publicly to cow the rest of the populace.  When Jack gets snarky, Harek puts his staff weapon in Jack’s face.  Jack nudges it away, saying, “Publicly’s fine.”

Motherships arrive and blast at the massive ship, some of the blasts hitting the city.  A battle breaks out in the bunker as well.  The commentary repeatedly stresses that this entire sequenced in the bunker took a lot of effort and time.  Harek manages to dial the Gate, but Sam tackles him.  This causes the crystal to end up on the floor.

Baal’s hologram tries to gloat at Anubis… but Anubis isn’t on his throne.  A small ship is flying away from the giant spaceship.  In the commentary, Michael Shanks notes it looks like a “flying frisbee”.

Jonas gets a staff weapon blast on the arm when he saves Daniel, who was grabbing the crystal.  Harek goes through the wormhole just before it closes it.  Anubis’ little ship goes into hyperspace over the planet.  Sam and Daniel go to the prone Jonas, who’s in pain.  Daniel states, “I owe you one.”

“We’ll call it even,” counters Jonas in a callback to “Meridian”.  Dreylock, Teal’c, and Jack are standing behind Daniel.

Down in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, there’s a large group gathered in the Gate room.  Dreylock is present.  Jonas still has an arm in a sling; he’s heading back to his home planet to take a leadership role (the other nations insisted) in a new planetary council.  Jack flippantly checks that Jonas has packed everything.  Jonas and Hammond shake hands as the Gate powers up.  Jonas brings up their first meeting to Daniel, whose memories are gradually coming back.  They shake hands as well.

Teal’c tells him, “You have the heart of a warrior, Jonas Quinn.  Continue to fight well.”

They shake hands and Jonas also pats his shoulder.  Sam gives Jonas a hug.  Jonas grows awkward when he reaches Jack.  The older man tells him, “You earned it.”

“Thanks,” Jonas replies.

Picking up his duffel bag, Jonas heads up the ramp.  He briefly pauses to ask Daniel to feed his fish.  Jonas looks back one last time at the quartet before going through the wormhole.  It looks like Dreylock went through already.

Daniel lingers in the Gate room as the others head out.  Jack turns to look back at his friend to check with him and to remind him there’ll be a team dinner at seven.  Musing a bit on their job, Daniel tries to check that they get a paycheck.  An amused Jack says “Welcome back,” before leaving the room.  Daniel just looks at the Stargate quietly.


This was a great episode that built upon the Anubis subplot from last time.  There was a return to Kelowna to learn what has occurred since the events of “Shadow Play”.  In my review for that episode, there’s a mention that in the commentary Peter DeLuise brought up the idea of doing an episode where the modern Goa’uld learn about the naquadria there.  Clearly, this is that concept brought to the small screen.  Because there’s no way that the system lords (especially Anubis) won’t be trying to figure out how to stabilize naquadria so they can safely use it against others.

The commentary affirms that Yu’s first prime and Teal’c had an interesting dynamic, which to me did add layers to their already interesting subplot.  Hopefully this will mean that Yu’s first prime will return in future episodes.  There’s also some discussion about whether or not Jonas’ sendoff was ‘big enough’; ultimately they agree that it didn’t have to be particularly large as it’s not a permanent farewell like “Meridian”.  I’m hopeful that upcoming episode will wrap up this planet’s mini-arc regarding near-constant warfare.

Although the characters did their best to reassure Jonas that Jack warmed up to him, I’m pretty sure that Jack always preferred by Daniel by a large degree.  I think that has more to do with how long Jack and Daniel have known each other, as well as that first mission (AKA the original movie).

Yu is no longer a reliable ally at all, albeit not by choice.  Baal was their second-best option, though I’m not sure of the Watsonian reasoning there (the Doylist reasoning is that Cliff Simon, Baal’s actor, is awesome).  Harek and Anubis continue to be thorns in the heroes’ sides.

Season seven is off to a great start and the search for the lost city has barely begun.  I should note that Michael brings up Elizabeth’s presence at the season’s end, so it’s very possible that the various commentaries will have spoilers.  That should be interesting to see they’ll let ‘slip’.


Next time on Stargate SG-1: Teen-Jack happens.


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