9-35: Nadira’s Dream Date

Nadira attempts to date Lucas.

Last time on Power Rangers: The team was briefly ensnared in mirrors.


Romance in the Air

In the time ship, Nadira is reading a romance novel.  Ransik does his best to reassure his daughter, as she has various items and beauty.  However, she’s feeling the lack of romance in her life.  Gluto offers his affection, offending her.  She’s soon mopey instead.  Ransik suggests to get out of the time ship for a bit.  The mutant Chameliacon has been reanimated and is told to destroy the Rangers.

Ransik suggests that Nadira can go with Chameliacon and wants her to be cheered up.  He threatens Chameliacon into ensuring that his daughter has fun.  Their father-daughter bond is rather sweet.

Lucas is writing in a blue journal when the rest of the team returns to the clock tower.  They’d been working at an orchard and got to keep some of the produce.  Grabbing the journal, Katie reads the love poem out loud despite his efforts to get it back.  The others find it funny, particularly after he admits that it’s about his first racecar.  Lucas puts the small journal back into his jacket pocket.  When they’re alerted to a mutant attack, the team heads out.

Civilians are screaming and fleeing from Chameliacon.  A bored Nadira does a single blast.  The morphed quintet shows up and Jen tries to put Chameliacon under arrest.  Lucas and Wes do the same towards Nadira, who just calls upon a group of Cyclobots.  Four of the Rangers fight the minions while Wes takes on Chameliacon.  Nadira continues to lounge around, bored.

Lucas tries to take on Nadira, who remains bored until she ends up in some nearby bushes.  The other Rangers are fighting Chameliacon, who soon teleports away.  When he demorphs, Lucas adjusts his jacket, which causes the blue journal to fall onto the grass.  The demorphed team decides to go back to the clock tower in hopes of figuring out where the mutant went.

Nadira emerges from the shrubbery, upset at the Blue Ranger.  Finding the blue journal, she reads the brief poem and thinks it’s about her.  Smitten, she teleports away.

Ransik is torn between relief at her revived spirits and concern about her liking a boy when she returns to the time ship.  Gluto is also upset.  She admits it’s the Blue Ranger and reveals he wrote a poem about her.  Ransik caves in so she happily kisses her father’s cheek.  The poor guy is resigned to the situation.

How to Break Up with A Villainess

Lucas is gardening when Ransik finds him.  There’s a shovel talk, but Lucas also gets an armful of expensive presents to ensure Nadira’s happiness on their upcoming date.  Ransik teleports away and Lucas is left to be very confused.

The date takes place at an outdoor restaurant.  Ransik lurks nearby, ‘nudging’ the suited Lucas about what to do.  The dressed up Nadira expresses her joy to her father when she returns to the time ship, emphasizing her pleasure over the presents.  Gluto is upset that she likes someone else.

A shell-shocked Lucas returns to the clock tower, tie loosened and jacket in hand.  Jen and Katie good-naturedly tease him about having a date.  Trip and Wes are playing chess again, with Circuit watching on.  Lucas is working up his courage to explain things when Circuit gives them the heads-up about Chameliacon’s return.

Cyclobots are scaring off civilians.  There’s rubble and stuff on fire in the area.  On the Vector Cycles, the morphed team arrives to take on the minions.  Chameliacon uses his prehensile tongue on Wes.  Lucas tries to come to his friend’s aid only to be attacked himself.

Ransik involves himself to defend Lucas and gently dust him off.  He then gives firm commands to Chameliacon to take out the other four Rangers, but not the Blue one, as well as to the Cyclobots.  The minions obediently head off to fight the four Rangers.  Ransik is pleasant to Lucas before walking past Chameliacon.  Understandably confused, Chameliacon teleports away again.  The same goes for the four Rangers.

Back in the clock tower, Lucas has explained things to his teammates, pointing out that Ransik would not take it well if Lucas breaks up with Nadira.  Katie and Jen have a plan to ‘makeover’ Lucas to ensure that Nadira will break up with him.


The messy, slobby result does cause Nadira to break things off to the joy of all five Rangers… but she’s also miserable over it, leading to Chameliacon to specifically go after an unmorphed Lucas at an angry Ransik’s command.  The others’ morphing sequences are seen in a four-way screen.  Charging at the mutant, Lucas morphs while doing so (the sequence unseen).

Lucas figures out how to use the prehensile tongue to his advantage and has Wes fire at the trapped mutant.  Katie approves of her friend’s tactics.  Chameliacon supersizes so Lucas contacts Circuit.

I think that’s the Shadow Force Megazord which is formed.  A morphed Eric suddenly shows up to call upon the Q-Rex, putting it in Megazord mode.  Chameliacon takes on the duo.  While the quintet gets tossed around in the cockpit when their Megazord gets attacked, Eric is snugly on the ground giving vocal orders.

The Time Target attack is used to defeat Chameliacon in an explosion and the mutant shrinks down to action figure mode.

Near the beach, Nadira is reading while under a parasol.  She finds a boquet of roses stuck to a post.  She reads the brief poem from her secret admirer attached and decides she’s “desperate”.  On the beach, a top-hatted Gluto has set up a meal on a table with a few Cyclobots playing live music.  Stoically she sits down, handing the parasol off to one minion, and accepts a red rose from him.

“I’m desperate…” she goes in a Southern accent.  Then Nadira angrily overturns the table, declaring, “But I’m not that desperate!”

She storms off in a snit.


The main credits have a few new clips in them, including some Battlefire footage.  This episode was a comedic take on the ‘dating Catwoman’ trope.  Additionally, a ‘worst case scenario’ regarding the ‘dad shovel talk’ was seen with Ransik, although he was overall supportive until Lucas and Nadira broke things off.  The odd thing is, I don’t think either of them had any strong attachment- Nadira was more ‘in love with love’ than attracted to Lucas as a person, only seeing him as a viable boyfriend after reading the poem, while Lucas never seemed much into her at all.

Katie and Jen’s reactions were in line with platonic friendship.  Wes and Trip weren’t much involved and Eric’s presence was only due to the Q-Rex’s presence from the Super Sentai footage.  I’m seriously wondering what exactly is going on over at Bio-Tech.

This was a cute enough episode, it just seems a bit misplaced as after this, there are only five episodes left in the season.  Then comes Wild Force!


Next time on Power Rangers: The team and Circuit must avert a self-destruct sequence.


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