P&P Mini-Series, Part 6

I’ve watched the finale!

Last time on Pride & Prejudice: Lydia and Wickham ‘eloped’.


Lydia and Wickham got married and visited Lougbourn, Bingley proposed to Jane, Lady Catherine tried (and failed) to cow Elizabeth into submission, and Darcy proposed for a second time.  Both Lizzy and Jane got their happy endings, but there was a brief clip hinting that Wickham is already tiring of Lydia (who’s still infatuated at this point).  Mary and Kitty are still at home with their parents with no indication of how they’ll turn out.

I’m a little sad that the post-proposal conversation between Lizzy and Darcy got cut, as that’s always been one of my favorites (that’s a lie, nearly everything in Pride & Prejudice is my favorite part).  However, that conversation helped clarify how both of them changed in response to that first, disastrous proposal.

Overall, this was a great adaptation and I now understand why it’s so iconic among Austen fans.

As you readers might have noticed, it does admittedly work better as a whole opposed to being broken up in more than two parts.  I just needed that extra space due to how I set my blog.  Similarly, there won’t be a summary post tomorrow, as everybody knows the plot by now.  And frankly, I’m twenty years late to the party by this being my first watch of this mini-series.  I did like the featurette included on the second DVD.

I’ve decided against reviewing the Lizzie Bennet Diaries right now, as I currently have enough on my plate with SG-1, Mighty Morphin, Time Force (soon to be Wild Force), and Jungle Fury (soon to be RPM).  Maybe if I’m reviewing four shows instead of five, I might review Twilight chapters more than once a month.

… I know, I don’t have high hopes for that happening either.


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